Conversation between a Grandfather and a Father

I was at a toy section on one recent visit to a Shopping mall. As I was walking past the Thomas and Friends section, I noticed an elderly lady stood low looking through the lower pegs of toys while an elderly gentleman stood up looking through the upper shelves. My best guess was they are searching toys for their grand children. Ah! the love of grand parents.

After close to twenty minutes later, I came back to the same section. I was surprised to see them at the same spot but this time a impatient younger man was with them.

The grandmother was still comparing the toys in her hands asking her husband "What do you think? Should we get this Gordon?"

"Just make a decision!" interrupted by her son, the younger man. "We have been here for sometime already!"

"Yes I think he will love Gordon." answered her husband. "But there are two versions of him!" said the grandmother.

Before her husband can answer, the young man interrupted again. "I don't understand why kids love these toys. What's so fun about these toy train?"

"A children want what the heart wants." answered his father.

The son doesn't seems to be satisfy with the answer and continue criticizing, "All of these train look the same to me. what's the different anyway? I couldn't stand him whining all day for another one more!"

"You were like that too when you were a child." answered his father. "But in your case, it was He-man. We do not know what so fun about He-man that you cried and begged us for them and we have to travel half way down town to get those toys for you."

The son stood silent for what seems a long moment. The grandmother finally made her choice and proceed to make her payment.

Somehow this short conversation I over heard left a deep impression in me.  I guess it take years of parenting to know the interest of the child but in some sad cases, some parents still never get it end of the day.

That grandchildren should count him or herself blessed to have such grandparents who find out not only which toy line he/she like but which characters in that toy line he/she fancy.

Do you have such grandparents?


chrismandesign said…
i would like to hav that kind of grand parents or parents, like the ones u mentioned, but i love my parents just the way they r, with all their virtues & defects... anyway i’m very complicated to satisfy in toy issues (or in wear issues, my other weakness...), so if my parents or someone else want to gift me something, i receive that with pleasure, just for the person who gifts me & not for the gift itself...
ninjovee said…
This is such a sweet story... I've heard similar stories but they're usually from chain letters. This is really touching. My parents are kind of like the father... when I was a kid they just bought be toys because I would throw tantrums in the store until they get me one (yes, I'm a spoiled kid). But they never really let me be with my games and toys and always complain about it... until today.

I'm pretty sure I want to follow in those grandparents' footsteps :)
MOCK! said…
When I was growing up, my grandfather lived about 2 hours north of me in the ONLY town in the state with a comic book store. He diligently went down every week and picked up my direct sale only comics (as well as a friend of mine) and held them until I saw him. The image of him entering that store to get "Watchmen" and "The Dark Knight Returns" for me still brings a smile to my face. He died ten years ago next month and I still think about him everyday.
G.G. said…
I had a grandma who brought me tons of transformers & DC super Heroes figures when I was a kid.

Actually I have an aunt who do the same. I consider myself a lucky kid.
chubbybots said…
Ah brings back memories of my grandpa...his patience and willingness to listen to what I want...I remember my first zoid from ntuc was from him!!

A very good and heartwarming post Leon.
alex teo said…
This would have been GREAT story if it was made up BUT to know that this really happened (because you were a witness) is AMAZING!

"A child want what the heart wants."

We are all still children even when we've supposedly grown up :>

Thanks for sharing
Juliana said…
Such a touching scene! The grandparents are so loving towards their grandchild, even making the effort to know the toys they like. It's not easy for older people to keep up with rapidly changing and expanding toylines. But love for their grandchild motivates them!

The father sounds like the demographic group who has always been on the receiving end but hardly on the giving side. Most of them make up the major whiners and complaint group in our country today. If you ever hear them talk, you can zoom in on their mentality almost immediately.

That's why our elders lament that our younger generations are becoming "too soft" and expect everything to go their way, as if other people owe them. Our elders and founding leaders had to overcome a lot of obstables to give us the better lives we enjoy today.

I hope that grandchild grows up to be grateful and respectful to his elders, and pass on the love to his descendants one day :)
LEon said…
"I receive that with pleasure, just for the person who gifts me & not for the gift itself..." That's a very good attitude. :)

I know how that felt. However I was glad that I was given more freedom as I grew up. I now you will be like that grandparents when you have your kids.

Wow! You have a great granddad! God bless his soul.

I envy you. Where's those transformers toy now?

I am glad to share this encounter as I felt the heart warmness myself when I was there eavesdropping. :P

I was lucky to be there to witness the ordeal. Sometime we need to stop acting like grow up and stay connected to the child inside...I hope I don't sound so much like Michael Jackson here. :P

I think part of it the education here plays apart to mold such whining generation too. I too hope that the grandchild will learn to be grateful of what he has and in return honor and love his grandparents.
Mafty said…
Agree LEon.. toys do have meaning for a child.. it's not just "toys", parents should try to understand or maybe even try to assimilate with their kid.. What his toys mean to him..

Yeah.. I remember my grandfather used to give me miniature car when I was 5 years old.. Not just a random car.. But an exact model.. That's really meaningful for me.. I really like an exact miniature car at that time..
While my father just give me some random car.. Really random.. I even don't know it's brand.. >.<
because at that time, I already understand something like brand and detail..
janus lu said…
Hmm...I am glad my parents used to buy many toys to me when I was a little kid. So in the age of 30 something, I still keep purchase toys, not because I am immature, that is because I want to keep the sweet memory in my heart, and let the 'tradition' continue when I have my child in future, a father always give the best to their children, for sure my child will inherit all my toys in future, just hope he will appreciate those 'antic stuff'. Nowadays children play too many video games, play hand phone, online games, I really worry about that ......
I guess children of toy collectors like us will be very happy. When my son grows up I can see myself and him in toy shops looking at what toys to buy!...LOL
LEon said…
You are blessed to have a grandfather who knows what you really want.

@Janus Lu
I am sure your children will appreciate your collections. :)

@Little Plastic Man
Ya Bro. It would be fun but I have to do another budget for him just for that. LOL
Statwiz said…
well as long it's robot or military that's what my parents bought me ^^;;
LEon said…
I guess most parents will buy these toys to their son. Action toys.
D7ana said…
I only knew my maternal grandmother. She had 12 kids so she didn't buy us toys. Too many, I guess. My Mom was the one who would buy toys for us - as long as she liked them ;-)

My Dad didn't have toys growing up, and he wasn't keen on buying them for us.

I used to buy the toys my nephew wanted even when I didn't care for them - like Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Today, when I can, I buy the toys I want to please the child heart that lives in me.

Thanks for sharing this post.
LEon said…
You are most welcome and thanks for sharing. I think most of the toy collectors here do have a similar past and now trying to get toys to please the child inside. :)

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