Back to 1981- Hotwheels 81 DeLorean DMC-12

I got this Hotwheels 81 DeLorean from the generosity of Saruman from Bigbosstoys. It was sent to me by post and I got a special surprised in the same package. A mystery packet.

Due to the postage, the car of the package was damage regardless of the protection of the air cushions in it. However I do not really mind since I will open the toy!

At the back of the card, there are some information on the car and the toy. Did you spotted something outstanding there?

Although Delorean was produced in the year 1981, the design was done in 1976!

DeLorean DMC-12 was a sports car with a mind blowing design of gull-wing doors.

Many like me only get to know Delorean as The Back to the Future car which will have a Mr Fusion at the back hood.

And at the dashboard the time machine counter and the flux capacitor that enable the time machine.

Marty McFly: Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?
Dr. Emmett Brown: The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?

And it was a brilliant ideal. The movie immortalizing the car, and the Car manufacture thank the Movie production  team for it.

To date there are still 6500 Delorean exist out of 9000 production. If I am not wrong, Michael J Fox (actor of Marty Mcfly) have one of it too.

If you did not catch what was being printed on the back of the card, here is the answer engraved at the bottom of the toy car. Hotwheels are produced in Malaysia.

As for the special bonus from Saruman. It was a 3D card of Knight Burner! Cool! I don't think this special packet came with the toy car so my best guess it is a bonus.

My heart felt thanks to Saruman from Bigbosstoys generosity to share with other collectors of his toys. I guess that is what Toy collecting is all about. Sharing. :)


moemoekyun said…
delorean *_* I am back to the past now lol
me want time to hotwheels hunting
saruman said…
yes Leon, u r exactly right! we share the same world and the same sky :)
chrismandesign said…
so good !!! ... that’s what friends r for... i know by experience that a gift from a friend, particularly a collector friend, is always surprising & an special item in a collection... i’m glad that u have such friends =)... uhu, & this hotwheels is precious also the card (but i don’t like back to the future... LOL)
desmond said…
FOC, isn't??
LEon said…
You sure you want to start Hotwheel collection?

ya man! Sharing is caring. LOL

Thank you. You can be such friends too. :P

Yes. That's Saruman's generosity. :D
Juliana said…
This is one nostagic car. Congrates on receiving it :D

I'm looking for the Stingray Covette that is the same car model as ROTF Sideswipe. Haven't see it here at mass retail yet.

Btw, how's fatherhood life for you :P
LEon said…
Tiring but happy. I think some oversea blogger blog about that hotwheel models. Quite rare. All I seen in department store never really interest me although the price is much cheaper than transformers.
Hey! Cool unmodified 'Back to the Future' car. Never seen this before. I bet it's rare!
kluxorious said…
I saw this just now as I shop for toys for my 2 years old niece at Toys 'R us.
LEon said…
It rather rare in SG but in Malaysia it seems like another story. Then again it was made in Malaysia so I it okay if they come to have most of the good ones.

Thanks for the updates. I am surprised you take note of the car design and spotted it. I bet that's the charm of DeLorean.
moemoekyun said…
I have hotwheels(only a few maybe 10-15)^^ and even spiderman,stormtrooper,batman etc yo think I only collecting gundam??
LEon said…
Yes I have a impression you collect gundam only as your blog talk much about gundam. LOL

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