Autobots Skids & Mudflap Ice Cream Truck

My patience paid off for this Ice Cream Truck. Okay it's Skid and Mudflap but I still like to call this Ice Cream Truck!

Here are three reason why I get this toy figure after such a long wait. Reason number one, I just love the retro truck design although I never understand why on earth they appear like this in China in the movie.

Reason number two, this figure is 2 for the price of 1!

Reason number three, this figure was hot and often gone from retail before I can really get my hands on it. Now the movie fever subsided, they appear again (just as I have foreseen) and best they are on discount! Good things happen to those who wait. Yes it just like Ice cream! LOL

The whole truck look rather sweet with the pink and white coloring. You won't expect less from a Ice Cream truck right?

The tranformation really split the vehicle right down to the middle and the front is Skid and the back is Mudflap.

Skid has a broad shoulders and a set of tiny leg. It's hard to get him to stand well as a robot.

Mudflap on the other hand is all balance.

It always puzzle me why Michael Bay wanted these two Autobot to look so stupid weird.

And the toy just purely follow the movie design...

Thankfully I am only interested on the vehicle design and color theme so that is good enough for me to go ahead to collect it. Some more did I mention it was on 20% discount?


This is quite nice...if I am not wrong they are selling the extra decals on the internet to make it more movie accurate.
Statwiz said…
eh as I remember in the film there is words decepticons blah blah blah in the door O_O;;
Anonymous said…
When I was watching the movie, I got quite shock when the ice cream truck got split in to two. I thought it was dead, but it turns out becoming these two autobots :D
saruman said…
yup, very very nice, have 1 of these as well :)
i like them. where can i buy them. This is the only toy from transformers i really need too have.
my husband wants more but i loved the icecream truck so much.

LEon said…
@little Plastic Man
Where the decal? Got link? Thanks!

Yes I remember that but it was not found on the toy. Maybe that the decal what little plastic man talked about.

It's was a pleasant surprise but the robot mode make them look rather dumb looking.

This is a MUST have it seems. LOL

@the dutch purple rabbit
Okay, I try to look for you if you want. Can you contact me?
kluxorious said…
lol nice skit there. And yeah, why are these two look so damn retarded? They are one of my fav 'bots in the original series!
janus lu said…
Nice review there, bro. I also saw it at most of the shopping mall toys department during the new year shopping. Well worth to own it. :)
Juliana said…
Congrates on scoring this Ice Cream Truck at discount! :D

Here's the link to get those movie accurate decals online:
chubbybots said…
Well the only thing i have against them are their faces...look terrible like gremlins lol!! But the ice cream truck makes a nice one for my nendos haha :D
chrismandesign said…
ups i haven’t seen The revenge of the fallen until now... so i have no idea that this pair of transformers were available with this beautiful old fashioned ice cream truck version... it’s wonderful, i like it so much, sincere congrats, i’m so jealous !!! =PPPPPPP
LEon said…
Glad you enjoyed the skit. I just don't know why they do this to them. The movie need some jester?

@Janus Lu
So thinking of getting one?

Thank a million. It certainly look interesting. :D

Yes it will go well with nendo even better puchi!

you have these selling over your end?
Mafty said…
well the ice cream truck is already win for me..
Anyone wants a low-fat ice cream? mwuahahaha..
LEon said…
Let me rephase my question. Is this toy selling over at your retail over your end?

low fat are more like yogurt. LOL I eat yogurt too. :P
chrismandesign said…
uhmmm... i guess u mean if this toy is available at the toy stores here in my country ? ... the answer is nop =(((
Very adorable combiner plus its uniqueness. You really have good foresight to hold and wait. I'm always the impulse one.
LEon said…
You want me to look out for you over at my end?

Thanks but maybe because you have a bigger budget to get toys than me? :(
janus lu said…
Hmm...if got promotion, I'll get it, otherwise I might buy another TF, recently I saw many Mind Swipe in the market, and some human alliance Barricade, Bumblebee, I am in two mind now.......oh money, money....XD
LEon said…
@Janus Lu
well there will be again remold of Bumblebee, barricade, side swipe but for these ice cream truck, I don't think there will be another version. :)
chrismandesign said…
thx pal anyway... i couldn’t avoid to fall in temptation, so i ask to a friend of mine (fellow collector / private seller) & he’ll get one of them for me =))))) so u’ll hav a copycat LOL...
bluedrakon said…
I am glad they came out with this as I loved them in the movie. Hot Pink coloring - WTF.
LEon said…
YOu are most welcome. GOod that you have a friend to get this for you. :)

Ya the pink make them look like in the series of barbies. LOL

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