1/48 RX-78-2 Gundam Model Kit Review

Today I have the honor to review the MEGA SIZE 1/48 RX-78-2 Gundam!

When I started out to assemble this huge model kit, I initially felt rather intimated by the amount of parts that need to assemble. I thought I would get it done in 6 hours, however I did all up in less than 3 hours. What make it easy beside the instruction is this.

The purpose of this tool is use for the ease of getting the parts separated without using any clipper. It uses leverage to get the part out of the plastic mold while the other flat end of the tools can use to separate the plastic part without harming the plastic model if you need to remove or change some parts like the fist.

Beside the tool, the design allow jointing of parts at one goal. All you need to do is align the kits and join it together.

Once the parts are neat combine, use the tool given to break those out of the the mold.

When the part are broken out, you are ready to set up.

Here's a comparison between my BB Zhaoyun Sangko and the 1/48 Rx-78-2.

As the parts are modular, you can build them separately and later assemble as easy as a snap.

Regarding articulation of parts, here's some of the shots I manage to get it pose half way through my assembling.

It can pose as running or kicking and even Michael Jackson moonwalking.

The balance of the model kit was excellent which allow the  whole lower part of the body to be balance on one leg crossed.

You can even make the legs to do such awkward position all thanks to the flexible ankles and firm feet design. 

Moving on, I continue working on the body which we called Bust. The bust itself is already bigger than a regular BB figure.

Look at the length of the light blade and the solid back jet booster.

Here's the full upper body comparison.

Some shots I took regarding the decent articulation of the arms for a model kit.

This huge Rx-78-2 comes with a beam rifle, shield, two beam sabers and two set of hands.

Great for close and mid range battles.

Here it is! Fully assembled. See how tiny BB Zhao Yun of mine is when he is beside the Mega size RX-78-2?

He is way taller in comparison to my Transformers Animated Leader class of Bulkhead from Hasbros.

I am impressed with this model kit. If you are a Gundam fan, this piece from 30th Anniversaries could be the piece that mark that event which is AWESOME for display.

I would like to thanks Shengtai for granting me to review this model kit. Do watch out for the coming event for Gundam competition for kids during March holiday and not forgetting the Singapore Premiere of Gundam UC screening event in March. More details on that will be announce later here, just watch this space for it. ;)

Dennis from COLLECT 'em ALL will attempt to doing some spraying and hopefully give his review on this figure later on. :)


Jcee said…

Didn't give it much attention, but now that I saw this. I really want it! It really shows how big it is beside Bulkhead!
chrismandesign said…
kjakjakjakjaajkja... that was the last straw... LEon & KatsuDen the dynamic duo, "in form of a model kit assembler... in form of a model kit sprayer" LOL... k k that was so Chilli... now seriously, the kit seems decent & interesting, but is not my kind of stuff... however, pls send my sincere congrats to the owner, i guess he’ll have a lot of fun with this huge guy !!!
Statwiz said…
BIG *_*
how about compare with your leg ??
how come you get it very fast ?
Anonymous said…
Huge,no need any clipper O_O
Simple build I guess,look more simpler then a MG.
Wuuaah!!! SOOOO BBBIIIGGG!!!!!
and yeah, double-joint for hip joint!!
man, sooo tempting LOL ^^
LEon said…
This gundam is grand. Imagine it is all painted up with decal... LOL

You getting this gundam to have a feel too?

Almost to my knee but then again my knee may not be a good measurement as everybody height structure is different. some may have long legs.

Yes really simple even for people who are starting out. No tools require as it is provided.

@ZoiDieCT ArchAeA
You won't regret it. It will be really a Master Piece if you can do great painting as well. :)
janus lu said…
Wow! It was huge! I like it! I wish I can own it someday. :O
so then, do the nubs mark are concealed by using that tool?

but then, the details are awesome!!!
LEon said…
@Janus Lu
You can since you got the DX batman from hot toys. :P

There are not much nubs mark after you get the part out of the template with that tool. The tools only remove some parts while the rest you can twist it out with your hands and it will come out most of the time flawlessly.
Anonymous said…
Wow, that looks really huge! O.O

That tool seems really useful and I couldn't even see many(or even any) nub marks! They should use this technology for all their model kits from now xD Less hassle on cleaning the nub marks LOL
Cass said…
Wow! It is better than I initially thought. Considering the bulk and the HG-ish build, I thought it wouldn't be so balanced. Looks like I was wrong and glad I was wrong.

Now it looks like a great buy although storage is something else I have to consider.
Mafty said…
OMG it's really that big!
and the articulation seems great too..

wow.. awesome..
Marzz said…
WOW! Damn awesome, man! Such a cool kit.......
chubbybots said…
Now I am thinking how much spray cans dennis will need!! This is one huge kit!!!
An impressive flexibilty despite the size. I'm thrilled to be to able to hold it. Wonder wats the size different with jumbo grade?
chrismandesign said…
errrrr... nop i’ll not plan to buy a gundam guy like this for 2 reasons: 1st: i don’t hav space for exhibition (12" figures f.e. r too big for my space requirements) & 2nd more size doesn’t means more detail & i prefer more detail doubtless... but is a great adquisition for the ones who doesn’t hav my objections...
desmond said…
Classic Gundam RX78..This is nice!!
LEon said…
The tools are handly and doesn't leave much mark.

I think people who got this model will use it for main display since his size is hung.

Yes the articulation is good and the joints are tight.

So you getting it?

Not too sure but the white spray will need to buy more. LOL

@Dennis aka Katsuden
I am not too sure too but you can see it for yourself.

Ok sure. :)

Yes it is.
cosmicbaby said…
Wow! You completed it!
You make it looks so easy!
LEon said…
it really quite easy. :)
G.G. said…
I thought this kit will be coming out in March? How did you get you hands on one so early??
Ant Sized Man said…
I want one, great review. Still unsure where i would put such a huge robot.
LEon said…
Yes I got it before it release as the official distributor in Singapore hand me the kit for review. :)

@Ant Sized Man
This would look great in some spacious room setting. Go get it. It's one of the kind.
G.G. said…
Nice, can you introduce me to your distributor? 0__0"

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