Propeller Top

Does these look familiar to you?

This is Propeller Top. I am more familiar with it Chinese name 竹青挺 for this toy as it used to be made of wood or bambo as plastic was not invented those time I think.

This is another toy that I used to play with. As I read many Doraemon comic, I used to place this on my head with my hands and pretend to be Doraemon in hope to fly in the air.

To play with this toy, all you need to do is to place the propeller top in between both of your palms and give a rubbing motion while you release it.

The momentum will set the blade to rotate and we have a lift off! It would lift off straight with a velocity proportional to the amount of speed and force you applied with the rubbing of hands. If you like it to fly forward, simply tint the propeller top slanted to the front and rub your hands. It should fly front while going up.

This toy I got had a printed "Prop-top" label on it.

My late dog Boy was always interested and curious about this flying thingy and when he saw this toy flew up in the air, he tired to catch it in his mouth. This toys review was taken only a few weeks before he got sick. I am pretty sure he is in heaven playing all kinds of Toys now.

Anyone play this toy before in their growing up days? Or am I the only one?


chrismandesign said…
i knew a variant of this toy, but not a long time ago... it has a axis with an smooth spiral and the propeller was driven by a tube that you slip up to eject it and make it fly... i think this is a more efficient design... i know that u needed a lot of determination to do this, i mean, life continues, but sometimes is hard to do the usual things when something sad happen... is good to "see u" again colleague =)
Anonymous said…
I miss this toys *_* I even have the wooden one
Tom Freak said…
I used to buy those at the beach, when I was there for the holidays with my family. They were loads of fun.

Sorry about your dog. It's really sad to say goodbye to a friend.
Unknown said…
I remember that toy briefly when i was growing up, tha was many, many, moons ago. Wasn't really a popular item.
I'm really saddened to hear about your dog, Boy. At least you have good memories of him. Thats the most important thing. I don't know what i'd do if I lost one of my girls. I may have a gruff exterior, but I'm a big softie at heart.
LEon said…
Thank you. I remember much later they was a motorized version of these toys and that was fun too.

Yes the old type was made of wood! :)

@Freak Studio
Thank you. I was glad that you have such toys over at your end. A beach is an ideal place to play such toys.

Thank you my friend. Just treasure the time you have with them. One thing about dog is they just give without wanting much love back.
Played this before too! Simple but it's great fun for kids!
Sei.Mn said…
Hey, i'm back!!!
Kinda REALLY busy..
I have this toy too!!
Loves to play it from higher places :)

Aww.. *sniff sniff* your dog is lovely.. i like dogs alot..
LEon said…
I am glad your kids get to play these toys.
Welcome back Sei. :)
B-Mecha said…
This is nostalgic! I used to play this when I was a little kit together with my friends. We compete how long we can let the thing fly in the air.

Btw it reminds of me the propeller in Doraemon...
LEon said…
Yes this toy I always imagine myself putting on top of my head and I would take flight like Doreamon...but that never happen. LOL
desmond said…
I guess I played this before...
LEon said…
Glad you played this toy before in your childhood. THose time is it wood or plastic? :)

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