A is for Alien

After watching Avatar in 3D, I took out my old Alien toy from Konami to take a look. I realized that I have never blog about this toy before. I remember getting this in blind box.

Before going for blind boxes toys, I would look through the list and see how many of them in the series I am interested in before getting one. Apparently in this series, I was interested in 5/8 which is more than 50% and so I went ahead for the purchase. I was very much hoping for the Standing Alien or the Face Hugger.

Instead I got a new alien that crawl on all four. It was a consolation to me compare to getting the spaceships.

I mean seriously how many of you will be interested in the spacecraft of the Alien? Are they so memorial? If the theme is for Aliens, be generous and give all Aliens design! The rare in the series was another I care little about too.
I was lucky even though the Alien I got was in different color tone, it still retain much of the adult Alien attributes like the shinny long head and the smiling teeth without the slimy metal-melting acidic saliva.One word, Fiecesome.

The figure comes with a base as diorama which help the Alien to balance. Without the base, the tail still can  balance by itself with the help of the tail acting as the third point of balance.

The spine is connected to its tail. I wonder why no one attack the Alien's spine in the movie? I mean the Alien has not much fat nor meat to cushion the blow right? That should make him vulnerable right for a direct hit.

Obviously the Alien was not built to go any frontal attack. So it's favorite strategy would be sneaking from the back and disarm it's prey.

I have a bad feeling about this...

Before it make the kill, it would give a up close and personal face to face stare ("Only you" music will start to play). Why that up close? Maybe it want to smell the food before eating it?

Will that be the end of the Clone trooper? Give him a kiss!

Come to think of it, full grown Alien don't kill for food right? I mean have you ever seen the Alien kill a human for food? I only recall they keep human prey alive for the purpose of their reproduction. Once the baby Alien came out of the host, the host will just die and the body was left to rot.. Hm... is that what you remember as well?


So lucky of you to get the Alien. It's a nice epic movie and I love Alien 2 especially.
Tom Freak said…
Wow, that must be one of the best blind box toys I've ever seen! Good for you!
chrismandesign said…
"A" is for... "Ayyyy, qué bonita está la pieza, muy cerdita" kajkajkakjakjakjak (that was my native language, spanish) now translation: "Ashh, what a nice piece, very cool" LOOOOOLLLL... like Dennis, i love Alien 2, is d best horror/science fiction movie i ever seen (& many ppl is in agreement with me, but if it wouldn’t happen, i’ll hav d same concept of this movie...) really nice & Konami... wow
Anonymous said…
And B is for Batman :D

Haha man, sweet little grab you got there dude :D I love the song insert between the alien and the storm tropper...ah...sci fi love ^^
LEon said…
I love Alien 2 too!

@Freak Studios
This is quite an old toy like 4 years or more ago. There will be more blind boxes toys in the coming days. :)

I agree. Come to think of it most James Cameron sequel movie are the best in part 2 like Aliens 2 and Terminator 2... will Avatar 2 be better? We have to wait and see.

Glad you like that "Only you" song humor. :) Sci Fi love for food feasting. LOL
chrismandesign said…
but Aliens 2 was directed by Ridley Scott & not by James Cameron =P... & the vehicules, ships & arms... who doesn’t remember the USS Sulaco the huge mothership (that i want to get in model kit, but it’s very uncommon...) ??? or the UD-4L dropship (same wish...also the Aoshima diecast, awesome!!!...)??? or the APC (idem wish)??? or the M41A pulse rifle (get the replica, would be a great goal for me...) ??? or the M56 Smart Gun (the only reason i would buy a Drake 12" hot toys figure...) ??? well myb i’m such a fan of Alien 2... dun u think so ???
LEon said…
Thank you highlighting Alien 2 was not directed by James Cameron. I always have a impression it was James. LOL

I tip my hat for you being such a Alien 2 fan for naming all the spaceships and guns. I have no doubt that you would get the whole set of figures if you were offered the chance. :)
desmond said…
Yup! Aliens 2 is the best among all the instalments. This little aliens you have is quite detailed made and how tall is it??
LEon said…
I would consider this close to 3.75" figure although the Alien is always on crawling position. :)
Tom Freak said…
Sorry to point this out, but you were right Leon, is the other way around, Ridley Scott directed Alien I in 1979 and James cameron directed Aliens (or Alien II) in 1986.

Cameron did direct the first two Terminator movies, and they're both great (but I like the first one a little bit more).
LEon said…
@Freak Studios
Thank you my buddy from Agentina for pointing that out. I often confuse between Alien and Aliens (which is part 2).

I just rewatched T2 recently and I don't have a feeling that it is an old movie but T1 does. :P
chrismandesign said…
u r right Mr. Freak... i always thought that Ridley were the director, but i corrected my info... myb my confusion was because Scott directed as well Blade Runner, another cult movie that i love too... as a human i made mistakes LOL XDDD...
LEon said…
You confused me there but it's okay. It is part of the interaction. There should not a who right and wrong in the first place. :)
Anonymous said…
looks nice really like on the film ^0^
I will wait for revoltech version just in case kaiyodo make something more awesome
Ant Sized Man said…
One very nice looking alien, real top quality for a blind box.
LEon said…
The revoltech Alien would be something that I will keep my eyes on too.

@Ant Sized Man
Indeed Konami did a good job.

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