UGLYDOLL Wage in Red Review

The other designer toy I bought is also from UGLYDOLL but a different series namely Series 1.

There are more to choose from or should I say more random one to pick. Some of the figures designs are repainted.

End of the day, I got a Red Wage.

Wage come with a clothing like a sumo wrestler. Instead of having neck articulation like Ice-Bat, Wage has waist articulation.

Both of his arms can be raised and lowered. Now this is more fitting to be called Action figure ya?

From the side, Wage look alright but at the back, it seems like he wearing nothing but an apron.

So that's two UGLYDOLL for me.

Just one more to go... who will it be?

If you are interested in getting one UGLYDOLL, you may get it here.


chrismandesign said…
action figure??? obviously this is a new definition 4 that... & this should b "the PG gunpla of the uglydolls" kjakjakjakjakjakjakjjakjakaj...
Anonymous said…
Haha nice! I also have this uglydoll!!! Can't wait for the last hoot :D
They shouldn't be called Uglydolls. They are much too adorable. Ha! Ha!
Sei.Mn said…
I prefer this even more!! coz it's more JAP :P
kluxorious said…
say... are you going to give one of these for free? :3
desmond said…
Leon, how much per piece??
LEon said…
I can't imagine if he is a gunpla. LOL

That will be tomorrow post. Something most would like it. XD

@Dennis aka Katsuden
adorable doll sound sissy tho. LOL
I know you like Jap type. :P

Hm... that's an idea...keep your finger crossed...but this is my personal collection. :P

They are way cheaper than transformers. Cheaper than scout class transformers in SG retail. Thinking of getting them?
chunky B said…
LEon, to answer your question from an earlier post (way earlier post, sorry) Wage was the second one I picked up. Mine were both still blind boxed. Pretty cool.
LEon said…
@Chunky B
That's just like me!! An Ice bat and a Wage.
Jcee said…
LOL he looks hilarious in that apron, seems to naked hahaha
desmond said…
Nope..just curious about the price of a designer's toy :P
chrismandesign said…
uhmmm... designer’s toys prices... it depends on which of them u want... there are some available for less than U$15 & others for more than U$480... at least, as far as i know... X____O
LEon said…
You can say that he is naked from the back. LOL

Price reasonable generally.

You are right. I only get those that I can afford within my budget. :)
Sei.Mn said…
HAHA didn't know that you knew i like JAP :)

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