My Top 10 Toys of 2009

I promised Shaun to do a Top 10 list of Favorite Toys in 2009 and so here are MY Top 10 toys of 2009 which I had opened and reviewed this year.

10. Doraemon Time Machine Mcdonald Happy Meal

I have been eating fast food for Doraemon series and among the whole series of Mcdonald Doreamon Happy meal toys, Doraemon in time machine has my best love as it resemble the signature pose for various Doraemon comic book cover.

9. Nerf N-Strike Maverick

I had some hesitation to get a Nerf gun but I finally got it. Although I didn't joined any official game, the design and the fun of shooting dart is enough for me. I had a good time playing with it and even did some modification of it. My dogs don't seems to bother by the flying darts from time to time. LOL

8. Dragonball Scouter Stationary

In my Hongkong trip I was looking out for scouter and the only thing that come close was this Scouter Stationary. I know it is not really a toy but I really like it. Maybe I can take the lens out someday to customized or to build my own scouter. You just never know...That's geeky. LOL

7. Mario Kart Wii Gashapon Magnet

The moment I laid my eyes on this set of Gashapons, I knew I have to get it. One of the catalysis was that I just started playing the Mario Kart during that period. To top it off, the toys capture the cuteness and the signature looks of my Mario memories.

6. Gundam BB Zhaoyun Gundam

I have always love the character in the Three Kingdom story. Holding a spear and riding a white horse to bash through thick enemy line just to save his Lord's son. Such loyalty. Since this toy was assembled by me, I have to have some love for him. I am pretty pleased with what I have done in painting thanks to the gundam markers.

5. Domo kun Qee Collection

I totally missed Domo Kun out during my visit to the STGCC 2009 and I swear if I seen it again, I will get it.  For his short stature, he still stood out in the mist of my collection. I have a feeling he is just the beginning of my Domo-kun collection...

4. Swoop Transformers Animated

Among most of my Transformers Animated Toys, I often pick up Swoop to play with it. I just love the way the bird-like feature and it's flexibility. I often keep him in his "chicken" mode when I played with it. :)

3. Ice Bat from Uglydoll

Ice Bat deserved the bronze position in this ranking. The more I look at him, the more I love him. The moment I off my room light, he would stood out to say goodnight to me with his glow (since he has the glow in the dark feature). Plus that silly expression on his face just make me smile as I turned in. Not many toys can put a smile on my face you know.

2. The Joker with Crime Scene Evidence from Mattel

Talking about putting smile on one face, how can I leave the Joker out since he appear quite a few time in my posts? The figure capture the character of the Joker delivered by Heath Ledger for a 5 inch figure. For that he deserved the Silver award. He was the first toy I bought in 2009 (New year day) at a very good price. What a way to start the year.

1. Yotsuba & Revoltech DX Summer vocation set

I guess it was no surprise that Yotsuba get the Gold position. She was a good model with her brilliant smile and I still feel bad that I lost one of  her original part during the photo shoot outing. Regardless of her lost, her smiling face still brighten everything whenever she appear in the photo.

So that concluded my Top 10 Favorite Toys. They are all Opened and I had a fun time with them. That's what toys are for... to open and play. :)


Bubbashelby said…
Nice top 10 - some good stuff - can't wait to see what 2010 holds for us all!
Anonymous said…
Haha thats a great list!! Yes ice bat got the bronze award!!!

By the way that dbz visor is a very interesting stationery!! Seeing your's and kastuden's top ten post I am very eager to do my own top ten too!

Ps : Your Zhao Yun gundam is very nice!!!
Anonymous said…
nice yotsuba
I regret not getting her last year T_T
LEon said…
Agree. Hope to see more good and reasonable pricing toys!

Thanks! Will await your top 10 list of toys too! I still have some BB Gundam yet to assemble because of the painting need time. LOL

I felt the same way when the 1st Yotsuba was on sale. So when it came out the summer version I quickly pre-order it. But now my Yotsuba is not complete due to the missing hair... T_T
Shaun said…
A very fun list to read, LEon. It is only fitting that Yotsuba gets the number one spot,as she's been a constant feature in your posts this year. Wishing you a happy 2010 in toy collecting and keep up the great work at your blog.
kluxorious said…
yotsuba definitely deserved the 1st spot
chrismandesign said…
wow ! i love McDonald’s Doraemon, Domo Kun, Ice Bat & Yotsuba... i’m tempted to hav my own top 10 list but i’m so novice in blogs & collectors world =(... myb i hav to wait a ltl more LOL
LEon said…
Thank you for your support and help bro. I still got so much to learn from you in blogging. :D

Amen! Yotsuba have lot of fan now. LOL

Why not do the top 10 list? Your blog is awesome too. You have some rare toys and more dragonball collections than me! If you like the toys in my top 10 list, you can get your own through the links from amazon. I put that up for those who wanted the same toy as me. :)
desmond said…
I thought your favourite female character is "Miku Hatsune" as you uploaded a lot of posts regarding this virtual music singer..
Anonymous said…
have you try nendoroid ??
LEon said…
Yes I love Miku Hatsune but I don't have a toy of her at all currently in my collection. However I pre-order one from Sega. So that should be in my top 10 in 2010 list. But must wait I open the toy and review it. :D

I do have one nendoroid #17 L but I open and review that in late 2008 so he didn't make it in this top 10 list for this year. Plus I just got some lucky star petit. Review that soon I hope. LOL
NICE list...I just love to see all the toy bloggers' list. All so different!
Ant Sized Man said…
Yotsuba derserves the top space, one of my favorite revoltechs. Liking the marios gashapons also.
chrismandesign said…
k k pal... then my 1st publishing in 2010 will b My Own Top 10 Collection Figures... so i hav to make some selections & voilá... thx 4 ur appreciated comments =D !!!
LEon said…
@Little plastic Man
Indeed. It will create toy awareness too.

@Ant Sized Man
You have a yotsuba too?

Sure. Will look forward to it. :)
Chappy said…
Cheers for Yotsuba for being the first. ^^ Love her very much.
I regret not collecting the Doraemon set when it's available in Singapore. T^T
LEon said…
I know what you mean. That is the reason I took the risk of gaining weight to collect them before they are gone. Now have problem to lose that extra pounces. LOL
Your top ten toys filled us with many fun, cuteness and memories from the good old days. It's no wonder you feel so down when Yotsuba lost her pony tail.
LEon said…
Thanks bro for your constant support.
kira said…
I wish u a Happy New Year, may 2010 be more toys for you hehe.. from Toyjutsu
LEon said…
THanks! Same to you too! Happy New year!

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