The Lady in SEGA Golden Axe Era

Do you remember her?

For those who played Sega game in the Genesis or arcade may know who she is.

That's right, you may know the game by her dressing but you still have no clue about her name right? She has a name? It was not even shown in the game...yes she has a name and she's Tyris Flare.

She finally get a chance to be made into a figure in the SEGA Gals gashapon series. This time round, you can have a good look at her unlike how she appear in the 16 bit graphic.

Fully flesh and blood.

I often wonder where on earth did she get such neat looking bikini at that age. Wearing bikini and living in an Amazon really a comfortable or fashionable regardless of the harsh environment? But who cares anyway it's a nice "figure"...

In case you have no recollection or too young to remember she was in Golden Axe or what is GOLDEN AXE, here's a video with Tyris in action back in good old 1989! OMG! That's 20 years we are talking here!

As good looking as she is, she is one fearsome amazon that will cut anything standing in her way.

So guys, you better think twice. :)


Ohhh...I love Golden Axe! I used to play with my cousins! I always use the dwarf! Good times
Bubbashelby said…
I remember that game too! Although that toy is not how I envisioned the female character lol - she's much better looking!
rockleelotus said…
im not familiar with the game but she is very sexy figure ^^
woah shes not backing down in front of Godzilla lol
chrismandesign said…
hey LEon... u ltl rogue, i didn’t expect that u get that sexy girl in gashapon... i guess it’s a Yujin piece... who infected u ??? LOL
desmond said…
I played this game with my cousin more than 10 years ago. I enjoyed playing it..
LEon said…
@little Plastic Man
Yep. In the late 80s that was a hot game in arcade. :D

You own a sega set before? I won't get this toy if it was in 16 bits like in the old sega game. LOL

Yep. Tyris is one fierce chick. LOL

I do owed some sexy gashapons. LOL

You play that in the arcade or on a SEGA Genesis set?
Golden Axe! I loved the game too! Didn't know you have a Gozilla figure too! I guess the ninja girl I have for Christmas is one of SEGA Gals too?
LEon said…
Yes I have a godzilla. How can a toy collector don't have one? :P

Oh you got the Ninja gal. Yes she is in the same series with Tyris. Review on that later. :D

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