ICE BAT Uglydoll Review

This whole week I will continue to review my purchase at Play Imaginative. If you have to ask, I bought 5 items that day which are 2 To-Fu and 3 other Designers toys.

The next one I am going to review is from UGLYDOLL, ICE-BAT Action Figure!

This series comes in 6 different colors that glow in the dark.

A note to consumer from the toy maker: "Ugly means unique!".

So in short this is a unique toy! Meet Ice-Bat lime green.

Ice-Bat have wings instead of arms. It is a bat so what do you expect? The head is bigger than the body but it can balance well. Good design.

Although it is an action figure, there is only one joint that can be move which is the turning of the neck.

I bought it for the design so action figure or not is not important to me. The Ice-Bat nerd look is cute for me.

Another figure tomorrow. XD

If you are interested in this UGLYDOLL Ice-Bat, you can get it here.


chrismandesign said…
creepy, crappy, i love’em... so cute those tiny designer toys, uhmmm i hav only a few (i’ll publish’em)... i want a bunch of them... kjakjakjakjkajkajkajkajkaj LOL
kluxorious said…
how tall is it again?
Jcee said…
The color and it's look is so attractive, can't stop staring at it LOL
Sei.Mn said…
WOW i like this!! How much does it cost you??
Kelvin said…
Its quite cute^^
And i like the slogan "ugly means unique" haha:D
Anonymous said…
Nice grab leon ^^ Can't wait to see your other 2 loots :D
LEon said…
Wait for your review then. :D

They are 4 inches. :)

Indeed. Wait till you see them glow in the dark.
If I remember correctly it is less than $15 SGD.

Yep, a catchy slogan. :)

Will be up tomorrow and the day after. :D
chrismandesign said…
soon, soon, but there is already a post of designer toys published in my blog... take a look, u’ll find it, while i get some time to publish d others... =)
LEon said…
Ya I saw it. They are Neat! :)
There's quite a lot of cute designer toys you bought lately.
rockleelotus said…
seems like everyone is getting ugly dolls! they really are unique :P

nice get, i really want the green glow in the dark ice bat too ^^
Ant Sized Man said…
I like it and cool catchpharse "Ugly means unique!".
Anonymous said…
hmmm, so I assume if there is a toy called "unique toys", it actually means "ugly toys" :lol:

nice grab man!
LEon said…
Yep it is because they were on sale. :P

@dutch purple rabbit
If you want one, you can get it here.

If you are in SG you can get it at Play imaginative if not just If you want one, or get it here.

@Ant Sized Man
As do I. :)

I think uglydoll sound better. XD

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