Hot Toys Kamui Gaiden カムイ 外伝 1/6

Not too long ago, there was a ninja Japanese movie, Kamui Gaiden which was inspired by a 1960s Japanese Manga and Anime.

Do the main lead look familiar? If you are a fan of the Deathnote movie, you should recognized it was the actor who acted as L, Kenichi Matsuyama.

This is the first time Hot toy making Kenichi Matsuyama and I must say they did a very good job.

Here's some of the photos capturing the essence of the movie

The figure dressed in ninja costume, faux-leather vest, wristlets, shin guards, pants and shoes.

The accessories and weapons include:

l Shinobi Sword with sheath
l Short sword with sheath
l Two iron fists
l Two kunai knives
l Small bag
l 2 pairs of interchangeable hands
l Shells
l Authentic likeness of Kenichi Matsuyama as Kamui
l Figure stand with Kamui Gaiden movie logo and Kamui nameplate


deSMOnd said…
L looks mature in this film. If you don't tell us, I don't know is him..
chrismandesign said…
wonderful piece... as u can expect from Hot Toys... i don’t know nothing bout this serie (not anime, neither real action movie...) so, it’s good ???
Nice piece and the movie seems interesting.
kluxorious said…
That is L? wow.

I must say that they did a good job with the facial expression of the figure.

btw, your christmas gift has arrived. Thank you!
LEon said…
Yep. I have to look a few time before I recognized him. LOL

I think the movie should be good.

Indeed. I hope somehow I can catch that movie.

Ya Hottoys are quite good in that. Hope you are happy about the gift. :)
kluxorious said…
I am. It's so effing cute and it's the only Christmas gift I got this year XD

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