Hibana Female Ninja Assassin

There isn't much female Ninja in the video game world and luckily Nightshade just had one, Hibana. She is fast and sexy.

That's enough reason for SEGA to include her in the SEGA Gal Gashapon series.

It goes against convention to have Ninja dress in white but since she still capable to get the job done, who cares if her dressing is in the shade of Sakura pink! As long as it allow comfortable of movement right?

In that case, loose the mask as well. Wow!

SEGA was wise to include an additional head for Hibana unmasked version. I love Hibana's face which characterize the oriental beauty.

In every angles, this Hibana figure is simply stunting isn't it?

Here's some group shots of some of the Sega gals I review so far with Arsha, Tyris and Hibana.

Beautiful are they?


Unknown said…
Wah..toys also look sexy and beauiful nowadays..hehehe..
desmond said…
Can we rotate her hands and legs?
Oh yes! Oh yes! I got this as a Christmas present from you. Thank you very much!
LEon said…
This figure is quite an old toy already.

Sadly she can't. She is a gashapon toy and not designed to be an action figure.

You are most welcome bro! :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the Gift!!
LEon said…
You are most welcome. Hope you like it. :)

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