Dragonball Tuesday Summary 2009

Since we are on the last Tuesday of 2009, it is appropriate for me to do a summary of my "Dragonball Tuesday" started early 2009. Let's do a recap of what we covered so far and if you can, give me some feedback as I will be asking some questions. :)

Seven Gadgets in Dragonball
I did a series of cool gadgets that made Dragonball as what it was. I may have left some out, if I did, please let me know.
1. The Scouter
2. Hoi poi Capsule
3. The Dragonballs
4. The Dragonball Radar
5. The Senzu beans
6. The Nyoibo
7. The Saiyan Armor

Q1. Which one is your favorite gadget?

Six Cool Vehicles in Dragonball
Although the Z fighters can fly, vehicles in Dragonball universe are still cool. Here are some of them.

1. Flying Nimbus
2. Saiya Spacepod
3. Trunkz's Time Machine
4. Bulma's Capsule 9 Motorbike
5. Pirafu Machine
6. Flying Dino

Q2. Which vehicle is your favorite?

I managed to document these down in the whole of 2009 on "Dragonball Tuesday" thanks to your support. This will be a homage to one of my favorite Manga and Animation of all times. I still can't get over the fact that this awesome manga has been around for more than 2 decades.

My "Dragonball Tuesday" will still continue in 2010, I just need more time to gather some thoughts and share with you the wonderful world of Dragonball with it's toys, games and whatever that can do the kamehameha!


I like Saiyan armour and Trunkz' Time Machine. Things that are futuristic.
LEon said…
Good choice! I thought you may go for scouter for the gadget. LOL

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