Christmas Lighting Toy Photoshoot

Last Sunday I was glad to meet up a group of toy photographers for a Christmas Photo shoot at the busy streets of Orchard Road. The program was more like a impromptu gathering and the main thing was to have fun and get to know each other better.

The toys I brought along that outing were Ice-Bat and Domo-kun! This is the first time I am doing night shoots with toys and I have to say I do not really know what to look out for.

It was raining during the evening and we waited patiently for the rain to stop and the light to be lighted.

*Life is mostly make up of waiting...

Ice-Bat make use of the time to meet up with Santa Claus while Domo-kun wondered off some place else.

When everyone was ready to go, Domo-kun was missing. So Dennis sent out his trusted SD GBP VF-1J to look for him.

Swiftly Domo-kun was recovered by the SD GBP VF-1J. Where did Domokun went will be relieve on Christmas day.Hurry! The group is waiting.

As the Christmas light were lighted, the action begins...I can't really get much decent shot due to my shaky hands and after a couple of shots, it look a bit better.

Everyone were busy shooting away while some passer-by looked at what we were doing. We attracted mostly children who kept looking at our toys.

Some figure decided to dress up for the occasion like Zh3us's toys.

while some dress down to let their hair loose.

Rin started to work his magic with his music.

And Rin join in with her vocal parts.

Fuzzy's twin Rin vocaloid were the popular figures of that night.

Their pose were so suitable for night shoots. I have to say I am starting to fall in love with this Rin.

Because of this, my Ice-bat was glowing with jealously.

So I assigned him to distribute some gifts to the other toys to keep him busy.

*Somehow I felt tricked.

Some of the toys are so good looking that we are tempted to take some home as Christmas presents instead but we resisted.

Before the night comes to an end, we went a dinner together follow by another short round of photo shoot.

It's really not simple to do night shoot on a busy streets but I am glad that we were in a group that we can look out for each other as we took turns to snap our photos and exchanging of creative ideas.

I have a fun time and I want to thank all who made my day that day. Special thanks to Zh3us for doing a Santa hat for my toy. :)

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Hexlord said…
Looks like a fun outing! Thanks for the invite but I was still in Malaysia attending the Comic Fiesta event there. :X

Hope there's another outing soon!
LEon said…
Hey I saw those nice comic Fiesta cosplay photos you have taken. Look happening. Let's meet up for a shoot when you are back. Maybe EOY? :D
nutcase23 said…
I see myself lying prone in the picture =P

To be honest, it was only my 2nd time out for night photography so I still had alot to get used to.

While the lights at Orchard Road were great, it was just too crowded. =P

Perhaps another outing in the near future?

P.S: Where are the pictures of us in various positions? :3
Anonymous said…
Lol look at ice bat glow!! He is very suitable for night shots.

Do you get a lot of people looking at you guys taking photos like that? Haha I though of taking my Ugly dolls to orchard but if its one person kinda of dangerous haha...scared some kid will just snatch em away. Comfort in numbers :D
Many thx for the invitation. I had a lot of fun! Your pics are really sharp and vibrant! Cheers!
desmond said…
Wow!! I admire you all have the courage to take photos for your toys outside your house. I don't have such courage "no balls"..HAHA!!
LEon said…
Sure we can set another outing in the near future. As for those different pose I didn't pose up but I can email you if you want. I email yours that to papershot because I don't have your email address. :)

Yes we got quite a lot of attention there but we just carry on snapping. You are right about kids coming and touch the toys. They are innocent and can't help it. :)

Your photos are as good as well. :)

Just do it bro. It is not something illegal. One day you should join us. :D
Amirul said…
your photography is godlike.

btw so you going for eoy now?
sorry for bugging you but i want to take photos with cosplayers :x
LEon said…
Thank you. You are too kind. I am not sure if I will be there for EOY but some of the other toy bloggers will be there. Just look out for them since you met them the last meeting? :)
Anonymous said…
wow! seems really fun!
Christmas with all the lights are too good to be missed :D
and those photos are indeed very beautiful! nice one :D
chrismandesign said…
uhmmmm... it’s really interesting ! we (i mean the underground collectors here in d city i live...) didn’t even think in something like that: "toy’s night shots"... myb it’s cuz we r underground =(... but i’m too anti-social to recreate that idea in my hometown ;(... it’s just in d mood of CHRISTmas, i guess so...
LEon said…
Thank you. Did you manage to get some Christmas shots for your toy as well?

Christmas is a good theme. Too good to be missed. Maybe you can start one over at your end? :)

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