An Awesome 12 inch Figure Collector

Not long ago I discovered a blog of 12 inch figures and the work of the owner strike me in awe.

His name is Mick Baltes and I was impressed not only of his vast toy collection but his superb skill in creating life like diorama. Just take a look at the photos and you will know what I mean.

Bare in mind this is for 1/6 figures. Look at the details...

To top it off, Mick is under taking an Epic project in the setting of ROME. He even built a Rome set for it. Nothing was done digital!

It's no child play as the story will be done purely by toys.

I am sure by now you might be in awe as I saw his works.

I have the honor to have a one on one interview with this passionate and talented collector.

This exclusive interview will be out on the coming Sunday post so do look out for that!

Meanwhile visit his blog for more of his works.


Yes, Mike is a great talent! I started following his work because of this awesome pic!
ryan said…
great display! can't wait for hte interview :)
chubbybots said…
OMG that is cool!!! That is like taking dioramas to the next level! Can't wait for your interview :D

And I love the new header with the glow in the dark ice bat ugly doll haha!
Unbelievable passion he has on his toys and photography! This is like exhibition!
Tom Freak said…
They look awesome, I'll be expecting the interview.

Great find, thanks! I'll check more of his stuff now.
Ant Sized Man said…
Remember the first couple of dios he did years back and thought they were fantastic back then, the newer one are simply amazing.
LEon said…
@Little Plastic Man
That piece is a classic. I wonder how he get the skeleton to do that for 12 inch figure.

Thanks for your support. Feel free to ask any question during that interview. :D

@chubbybots said...
Thanks for your support. I loving my ugly doll.

You are right. It is pure passion and he should open exhibition.

@Freak Studios
Please do check out his work. :D

@Ant Sized Man
It just get better as his skill get polish. I can't imagine the future works of him for ROME.
Anonymous said…
can't wait for the interview!
this guy pays really much attention to that's a master's work
KazeTora said…
I love how he did the water and mud, omg... amazingly unbelievable... (can he do that with Rider War? Ehehehe... )
LEon said…
Mick is a master indeed.

Base on what he did, what you mention should be possible for him provided he has the time and is willing to.
desmond said…
I have been following his blog for almost a year. He is definitely professional and talented :P
LEon said…
Agree. The interview will have more of him in person. :D

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