Avatar Neytiri & Hexapede Mcdonald Happy Meal Toy

Mcdonald is having Avatar as their Happy Meal currently and I couldn't resist to get some fun and cool toys. But I am only interested in Neytiri  and Hexapede in the series.

Reason? I find her pretty well done compare to others in the series.

The first impression on Neytiri figure kind of remind me of C3PO because the way she posed. It like she is surrendering or something?

However the feature of the figure is there. I love the cat looking eyes. Wonder if she is related to Thundercats. LOL

Since it is cat looking, it make prefect sense to have a tail.

In term of articulation, she is pretty decent. You can move the arms and legs but not the head. I won't really term the tail as an articulation as was more like a switch to trigger her to glow.

Yes Glow baby!

I can't leave her alone so I got to get her ride for this lady. Her very own 6-legged Hexepede power ride!

Her Hexepede glow too but you got to turn it on. There's a switch at his belly.

After the switch is on, you need to press the button on saddler to activate it. 

Neytiri & Hexepede could be a set as when you put them together, they both get turn on to light up.

Make sure you sit Neytiri firmly into the saddle. I took me quite a while to get her in place.

The tail should sit nicely as the saddle was design with the tail in mind.

You put them in a darker location it will be way cooler. Sometime you may even get to see what they just have for dinner? LOL

Overall the figures are cool and decent looking as it is from the movie. Great for kids to play in their bedroom at night or under their blanket. :)


kluxorious said…
that clothes is so wrong but since it was made for the kids, it was necessary ^^
desmond said…
Seems like you have to complete collecting the whole series of it.
Anonymous said…
Lol the last picture had me cracking !! They will be perfect with your glow in the dark Icebat!!
chrismandesign said…
yep... great fun 4 kids, but not for big kids like us =P, my nephew just get’em yesterday (Dec/19/2009)... i saw’em but i don’t like’em so much... had u been visiting my blog lately ??? i miss ur comments LOL... come back, take a ride...
LEon said…
You got that right. :)

NO!!! If I collect the whole series, I will be gaining more weight! LOL

You can say that again. LOL

I only select some in the series which I think is fun. :)
Interesting toys from Mac especially the glowing mechanism. You sure like toys that brighter up at night! Cheers!

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