Avatar Banshee

I know my Neytiri would very much want to take flight so I decided to get one for her as my family visited Mcdonald again. So Banshee it is.

Open the toy and it come with 3 pieces. The body and 2 wings. The black markings look quite well on the green body.

Assembling is a breeze (of course it is since it is a toy for kids).

Over turn to it belly lies a switch to allow lighting up for the body. That is the same as Hexapede.

You can now press the button on the saddle to light Banshee up. Ya. Green light!

Now all I have to do is to place (the oversize) Neytiri on it and everyone light up!

Pretty isn't it? Man I love light up toys although it is not very green to earth. :P


desmond said…
I guess the batteries cannot be replaced if fully used up..
LEon said…
it is possible but must know how to open it up and get the same batteries type. Not that easy. :)

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