4 Inch Gum TO-FU and TO-FU Oyako Review

Today I am going to review 4 inch Gum TO-FU and TO-FU Oyako which I got it 1 for 1 offers last Saturaday at Play Imaginative.

The packaging is simple but classy looking. There are some information details found at the back. On a closer look, I saw the minimum age limit of 15 for this To-fu toys. Well I am definitely qualify for that.

I choose to open Gum To-fu first.

For this series of TO-Fu, you will see them blowing bubble gum which are non-removable. Gum To-Fu color tone on his body kinda give made me think he is wearing a tube while exposing the butt and upper chest.

Although the toy had a big head, the figure have a good sense of balance.

There are devil robots and Play Imaginative logos printed at the sore of his feet.

Small as this figure maybe, it also have a fair share of articulations on the neck, arms, wrist and the ankles.

Since it was One of One offer, I got another 4 Inch TO-FU FREE! Introducing TO-FU Oyako!

To-Fu Oyako wore a baby blue tone jumper suit and comes with big rosy cheeks.

The Bubble gum is in Orange.

The placement of the logos on the sore of the feet were the other way around from Gum To-Fu.

One thing about one to one offers is that your toys were never be alone. I got a couple of purchase that day which I will share more about them in the later post. :)

Which is Cuter? To-Fu Oyako or Gum To-Fu?


kluxorious said…
they are so cute @_@
Anonymous said…
I prefer the orange jump suit :D Man their names are quite a mouthful!!
Anonymous said…
I prefer the orange jump suit :D Man their names are quite a mouthful!!
Anonymous said…
opps sorry double post ^^
LEon said…
Yes they are. best they were on offer that day. :D

So we have 1 vote for the Gum To-Fu. More of toys I bought there on next week posts.:D
I think the air cushion packaging is very innovative. Great protection to the toy as well as.
LEon said…
Yes it add as a good packaging too.
desmond said…
I prefer the Gum Tofu figurine :)
LEon said…
Is it because Gum Tofu look more childlike?
chrismandesign said…
tooooo cuties !!! i can’t stand it... hav a ltl mercy, wit d poor ppl of d other side of d world... LOL
LEon said…
they were the main highlight in STGCC09.

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