The World is Mine by Miku Hatsune

My impressed of Project Diva was the stage one which is "The World is Mine". I struggled quite sometime just to clear the stage. The first impression of Miku Hatsune having an attitude but the dance step kinda grow on you.

So what is the whole song all about? So I went searching for the answer to make sense of the dance and the attitude. Finally I found one and I started to realize what is that all too familiar attitude is all about...Please read the lyrics.

A song from a gal point of view...All too familiar to you too?


rockleelotus said…
haha never knew the lyrics for this until now! quite funny and to be expected of females with the ojou-sama mind set lol
Gal always think of being Princess. Ha! Ha! Nice Miku's song.
LEon said…
Im glad you know what the song is all about now. :)

Most woman think like a princess as part of it has to do with the parent bringing up.

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