Who's that girl? Found!

Sometime ago, I brought this cute toy for a shoot while I was attending an outing with my family. While I was taking photograph of this toy, someone asked me about the toy. Obviously she was an archer in a RPG game or story.

I tried hard to recall which toy line was she from but to no avail. I know she was from One coin trading figure which come in a box but I couldn’t put my fingers to the name of this anime or game. I got her randomly in a box.

After opening the box like most of my loose figures, I threw the box away. So I have no reference to know what anime or game in the toyline was she from. Currently I am as lost as she look in the photo. Waiting for an answer.

I think the title started with R... Actually it is not a bid deal but it would be nice if I know the answer. Can you help me? help her?

Updates! Thanks to Jcee, I found out that she was one of the 6 3rd series Ragnarok Online figurines! She was indeed an archer. I have a couple of them in my color. Would take them all out for photo shoot if time permits. :D


kluxorious said…
she's cute! but I don't play games so I can't help you out with the name.
ninjovee said…
I'm with kluxorious, she's so cute! Although she doesn't look familiar to me in any way... so I can't help with that one ><;

But with the looks of her, is she from the figumate line?
Jcee said…
Maybe Ragnorok?

I don't play games or anything, it's just the first thing that came to mind when you say the game begins with a R lol
LEon said…
That's fine. Thank you. :)

I'm not sure but I have a few of them and they are from One coin if I remember correctly.

YOu are right! That is the name. I did a search and found out that she was one of the 6 3rd series Ragnarok Online figurines!
Anonymous said…
Ragnarok Online - Archer (First Job -> After Novice Class)

RO Freak Here ^^;

Pinky ST?
LEon said…
I was too slow to catch the fever. Are you still playing that game now?

I have quite a number of Pinky ST as well. :P
Nice outdoor photoshot and this adorable figure you got there. I will see you this Sunday bro!
LEon said…
Thanks bro! :)
rockleelotus said…
so cute, RO character designs are pretty cool. great pics, nice setting for a ranger too ^^
LEon said…
Thank you. Will plan for the rest of my RO characters to do a outdoor shoot. :)

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