Vocaloid Cosplay in Singapore 2009

It's Friday and for Vocaloid fans, here are some cosplayers in Singapore dressing up as them.

If you are the cosplayers in the photo below and want me to link you, please leave a comment in this post and I will give credit and link to you on this post.
They are quite a number of Vocaloid cosplayers that day but I only managed to snap some of them. Akaito, Miku, Rin and Kaito.

For Rin's fan, eat your heart out! I find that she is one of the best Rin I saw that day personally.

The color of Rin stand out more in cosplay especially the headphone. More ipod looking right?

For Black Rock Shooter fans, here one for you with Kaito (Cosplayer Sochii and Lawliet) look really cool!

I heard there are many Miku hatsune cosplayers around but here is one that I find is quite close to the character that day.

For those who's wondering what she is holding, they are leek.

It's coming to the end of the day and the cosplayers were tired but she keep the spirit up for those who want to take photo of them. Bravo to them.

It's always good to cheer them on!

Some fans just want to join in when I trying to snap Miku. I hope they are vocaloid fan. LOL

Anyway let's end this post with a Leek background song in Project Diva. It's really cute especially the dance step.

Remember to eat your vegetable! LOL


Densha Otoko said…
I remember that game . Have 94% completion of the game . The song is quite hard T_T

Never heard of Akaito .
LEon said…
Akaito in red is the younger 'twin' brother of Kaito. I only pay more attention to the female vocaloid in general. LOL
All about Vocaloid cosplay. Sweet!

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