Scalpel Transformers ROTF Scout Class Toy

Scalpel was one of the Deception that has his own screen time for like 3-4 minutes when Sam was pinned down by Megatron. Somehow the scene when he place another bot into Sam's nose left a deep impression in me.

He look much like a Praying Mantis in his bot mode.

Unlike Praying Mantis, the toy does not have wings to fly.

Decepticon logo was nicely placed as a len.

They said that the soul of the body lies in the eyes and that make him look intelligent and innocent as a doctor. But do not be deceive, he is after all a Decepticon.

The transformation of this figure was manageable. After a few try with the help of the instruction, I finally get him into his instrument mode.

It remind me of a G1 Preceptor but preceptor was an Autobot.

With this microscope, maybe we can play as a CSI role to solve some cases like the crime of Gotham city like who is the next victim of the Joker. What a way to make a Decepticon to spend his time doing community work. LOL

?? Isn't that the joker?


Joker: "Do you missed me?"

I am okay but the camera man seems to be Terminated...


desmond said…
Wah!! Your joker is very violence..
kluxorious said…
hehe nice. i lol'd

and suddenly wants to buy scalpel too >_<
Good directing bro! Another cute Decepticon.
LEon said…
Joker is very violent in the comic...

Go get it. Now is buy 1 get 1 free at OG.

Thanks bro. Glad you like it. :D
chrismandesign said…
why so... dead ??? kjakajkjakjakjkajkajkajkajkajkjakajkja... i guess u hav a lot of freetime...
LEon said…
that's how I play with my toys. :)

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