My First Visit to Play Imaginative @ ILUMA

Last night my family and I decided to pop by Iluma. It was our first time there and I was on a objective to visit Play Imaginative as they were having a TO-FU promotion 1 for 1 which happen on 8pm to 12pm that day. We were there around 7pm and I was happy to see something familiar there.

I saw the sign!

Lots of TO-FU on display.

They come in many sizes and some Smery TO-FU and Friends were on discount for that day!

TO-FU Mollys too come in different designs and sizes.

Take your pick

Slander Snake, they are cute and harmless

Cheeky & Smiley Mao Cat... the more I look at them, the more I love them.

Ninja Town anyone?

There are Gloomy Bear too...Wicked!

Beside toys, they have other designer stuff like notebooks, T-shirts, pillow cases and other Stationary.

The UGLYDOLL design grow on me too. More of Uglydoll? I bought one of these UGLYDOLL action figure

One of UGLYDOLL action figure ICE-BAT that glow in the dark

Lastly one of this Domo which I missed out during STGCC09.

You may read about my toy review of the two To-Fu I purchased here.

Play Imaginative at 201, Victoria Street, #01-21, ILUMA. </ strike>:)


TheFuzzy said…
I had no idea the TO-FUs have spherical thingys on their mouths; the blank TO-FU I have doesn't. O_O
LEon said…
The round thingy on their mouth is Bubble gum which TO-FU is trying to blow a bubble.

What do you mean by "the blank TO-FU I have doesn't"? You have dozen of blank TO-FU? Can I have one? :D

The blank TO-FU is pretty big size like 400% of a regular TO-FU. :D
Jcee said…
Oh man there's Ninja Town figures?!?! I LOVED that game on the DS! The DOMO toys look so cooool too!!!
kluxorious said…
O_O those are freaking cute! *drools*
are they expensive?
LEon said…
If you want, I can get some of you but most of them are by random see which one you got. Let me know buddy. ;)

It depend how you see it. Most of them are cheaper than Transformers toys. :)
TheFuzzy said…
Actually the TO-FU I got was a freebie from the first STGCC, when it was still known as STCC back then. And I only have one of least I think I do, but I appear to have misplaced it LOL
omgawdddd ugleh dolls ;A;
they are so cute~~~
i loved them since toycon[was it toycon?i cant recall, but most prolly cos i took picture with one. ROFL]
chubbybots said…
I spoke with the sales ppl there and they mention there might be a series 2 for the ugly dolls!!! :D hehe

And Leon nice pictures as always ^^
LEon said…
@the dutch purple rabbit
Glad you like them. :)

Go find that TO-FU!! LOL

You are so right. UGLYDOLL do look very well on photo. :)

Thank for the complement! I wonder how series 2 will be. Hope to see them soon. :D
desmond said…
Don't really like designer toys but it's a good experience to visit their showroom..
Anonymous said…
How awesome. I loovvee the Kid Robot store in Los Angeles. I could look around in there for hours! So many great designs~
Have passed by the shop before. I more into mechs buts those collectibles are cute. Nice shots! Did the shop attendants stop you from snapping?
LEon said…
You should pay a visit. It may change your mind. ;)

I wish I can visit the kid robot Los Angeles store you talk about. That will be a sight.

Since I was in the shop, I asked the shop attendants and they are fine with it. That's how it should be.
Tom Freak said…
Wow! I could stay there for weeks, I would have bought some ninja town. I've never see them before... But it's a Ninja Town, what's better than that?
LEon said…
@Freak Studio
Seems like there are a big fan base of Ninja town. Do you need me to get one or two for you? Just let me know ya?
Tom Freak said…
That's very generous of you! I never saw those in Argentina and I would love a couple... Let me know if there's anything here you would like to get.
LEon said…
@Freak Studios
You may contact me here to talk more about it? :D
chunky B said…
Hey LEon, just catching up on posts and saw you are the proud owner of an Ice Bat. I was visiting a toy store in Vegas where I picked up two of the Ugly Dolls in blind box and when I opened it I got a regular Ice Bat, one that I wanted! I think these guys are pretty cool, I might have to pick up more! Cool you got one as well.
LEon said…
Yo Chunky! Thanks for reading my post. :) What the other uglydoll you got beside Ice bat? The version I got is from a series released in May this year and it just pure Ice-bat with various color that glow in the dark. Will review about them next week. :D They do plushes too for UGlydoll.

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