Happy One year old

Dear Open the Toy readers,

One year ago today I started this blog for my passion on toys. Through my journey of blogging, I have since reaped many rewards. Since this is exactly one year (1st Anniversary), I would like to give some updates about this blog and share something with you at a personal level.

My Toys, My Life
Toy blogging has given more meaning to my toy collection. I used to play with my toys but as I grew up pounded hard by the expectation as an adult and cold reality, I lost much of the joy for being creative and imagination such as making up stories. With toy blogging and photography, I found a new release in my imagination and creativity with toys.

Some of you may notice that I have not been doing much of my toy reviews. That is because I do not have much budget to buy new toy am quite tired up with some family and work commitment.

I would like to apologize for the amount of project I have spoken but yet to get it done such as setting up of Hoi hoi-san figure, replacement hair part of my yotsuba and more stories of OTTi. These are constantly on my mind but after meeting each day challenges, much of my energy were drained away. Nevertheless, some things are set into motion (Look out for this weekend post) and I hope for the next month, I will be more free to come out with more fun content. Your understanding and constant support (like commenting) are always appreciated.

I am grateful that blogging had opened new doors for me to attend toy related event previews thanks to the generously the event organizers such as STGCC and Gundam Fiesta. I would like to thanks the cosplayers at AFA too. :) I made the most contacts at events and I hope in the days to come, I can be invited to do more coverage and if possible some advertorial. ;)

This is perhaps the most tangible reward for the entire year of blogging. I am grateful to know that I am not alone in the world in the toy blogging. Friends has open me up to a bigger world. Through blogging I met toy bloggers, collectors, resellers, toy model kit makers, 3D animators, Anime lovers, Toy customizers, Cosplayers, Photographers and even Musicians around the world.

I would like to thank all my readers and bloggers for their support in subscribing to my RSS, following me on Twitter, putting link to this blog, participation in my quiz and giveaway, joining my group outings and events and most of all leaving interactive comments to show that you care. This blog will not be the same without you.

Thank you for being there for "Open The Toy" and me.

Since December is around the corner, look forward to some of my activities like Giveaways and if time permits some outings. :)

Many Thanks,


TheFuzzy said…
Happy birthday OTT! I see our blo header there, LOL.

Bring out the party hats!
Densha Otoko said…
Happy 1st year Aniversarry . DIdn't know your blog is so famous . GOtta spend much time reading your blog someday ^_^
ninjovee said…
Happy anniversary OTT! ^^
Hopefully there will be more to come!
Shaun said…
keep up the great work with the blog, Leon. :)
Mario! said…
Happy blogging anniversary!
KazeTora said…
Happy anniversary as well, dude. Been a while since lesleon, eh? Haha.
Bubbashelby said…
Happy blog-aversary!
LEon said…
Thank you bro! :)

@Densha Otoko
Thanks for your support. Hope to see you more here. :)

Thank you for the wishes. I hope too.

Thanks Shaun for sharing your blogging knowledge to me. Really appreciate it. :)

Thank you Mario for your contribution in photohunt. :D

Thank you old friend. ;)
LEon said…
Thank you buddy. Hopefully we can do more collaboration together for toys. :D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY OTT! It was a real pleasure reading and supporting your blog.
Anonymous said…
Grats on 1st year!

As age catches up i too wonder if i will quit this hobby!

Super brave "uncle" continuing his passion = Salute!
LEon said…
@little plastic Man
Thank you bro. Your blog got me started. :)

Thanks for your support. Age is just a number of the mind. :P
desmond said…
Happy 1st year anniversary to Open The Toy :)
LEon said…
Thanks for your constant support bro.

I am interested but my format and topic maybe different. To be honest, I don't think I bought 10 toys this year. My nose is getting longer. LOL
Juliana said…
Happy anniversary OTT! :D

Reading your blog has become part of my lifestyle! Keep the blog posts coming :D
kluxorious said…
I'm in your friends' picture! XD *hugs* happy anniversary :)
LEon said…
Thank you. You are in my daily read blog list too. LOL

Thank you. Must comment more okay? :P
Happy one year anniversary to 'Open The Toy'. My honour to be part of your blog journey.
LEon said…
Thank you for your constant sincere support buddy. :)
Ant Sized Man said…
Happy 1st year Aniversarry!

Only a year old, seriously quality blog for that short a time. Really impressive and one of the first i discovered.

Heres to another year, CHEERS!
Anonymous said…
Congrats dude, yeah I know it's hard to maintain a website. I done it for 5 years and encountered so many issues from being hacked serveral times to left it to root for almost a year before.

Was great to meet you at AFA09 and I promise I will return to Singapore next year.

All the best!
LEon said…
@Ant Size Man
Thank you for your constant support and encouragement. :)

Salute to a senior and thank you. Hope to meet you up on the next event when you are in town. :D
Jcee said…
Happy Bday Open The Toy!

And woohoo! I made the cut in the friends section! lol!

By the way, nice drawings!
LEon said…
Thank you. You are the only one who notice the drawings. :D
lang zal hij leven
lang zal hij leven
in de gloria
hiep hiep hoera

is a dutch celebration songs. very good you made this first year i hope many years will follow.

rockleelotus said…
woah awesome! happy 1st anniversary, heres to the years to come ^^
those drawings are so funny lol even though im getting older ill still play with my toys :P
Anonymous said…
Sorry for the late comment, but anyway, happy birthday OTT!
It's always fun to visit your blog!
LEon said…
@the Dutch Purple Rabbit
Thank you so much for your support! That's a lovely song. Learn something new today. :D

Thank you for your support. Glad you love the drawings. :D

Thank you. It's fun to read your blog too. I love the temple photo shoot. Very exotic.

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