Crayon Shinchan KFC Chicky Meal Toy

My family was at KFC and we discovered the cute figures of Shinchan. In all honestly, I never imagine there will be action figure look shinchan and when I saw them, I know I have to get them. (How can I not? my wife is a fan of him)

Crayon Shinchan was one of the Manga comic I started to read in the mid 90s. Not too long ago, the maker and the artist of Crayon Shinchan passed away when he went for a hike. So these figures could consider a tribute to the maker?

The Caterpillar Shinchan
What is Shinchan doing with a Caterpillar? I guess this scene should be a part in the comic.This is the only original looking Shinchan in the series as we will see him doing other cosplay later.

The fun for this toy is a twisting action when you press on the side button. During the rotation, the head and the part of the body will shake like he is his wiggle dance.

A close up to the caterpillar.

The Boxer Shinchan
Shinchan in his boxer cosplay. Don't you dare look down on him. Armed with his boxing gloves, he is one feisty fighter.

Shinchan can be placed on top of the presser for display.

To activate the boxing action, insert the plastic presser to the back of shinchan and press the surge-looking thingy. It would be more fun if the other player have the same Shinchan, both can have a match as shinchan move back and forth.

A close up on the boxer Shinchan

The Ninja Shinchan
I would say in term of cosplay, the ninja Shinchan is my favorite.

This toy allow the shooting of the disc below the character stand. All you need to do is to insert one end with the disc and insert another disc and the other end and push it inside to simulate the shooting of the shinken.

The back view of the Ninja Shinchan. Come with a pouch too!

And a close up of Shinchan expression as a cold looking ninja.

The Froggie Shinchan
Finally one of the most funniest cosplay of Shinchan as a Frog. Why a Frog?

Maybe he is a fan of Keroro? I don't think so.

Place Shinchan on the stand and press the frog button

And Shinchan will jump up like a frog.

This is the only Shinchan that closed his eyes.

Now placing them side by side.

Shall they gather up to sing as a song?

Better not. I know Shinchan can't sing. A group photo before we end?

There you have it. The full series of Shinchan from KFC. We managed to collect the whole series before the offer ended. Phew...


Juliana said…
I like the ninja version in this set :)
Jcee said…
Those are soooo coool! I was a fan of this cartoon when I was a kid, so funny! Wish we had stuff like these here.
LEon said…
Did you get these collectibles?

You should have tell me earlier. Maybe I could do something for you...
Adorable Shinchan will his signature thick eyebrowns. Didn't see his dog, 'Xiao Bai'. Ha! Ha!
Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

Nope, I don't have them. I have too many toylines to collect already, and too much fast food's making me put on weight :P
Ant Sized Man said…
Face expression are quality, like the frog suit one myself.
Anonymous said…
The ninja and frog Sinchan is really funny! You get them all in one go?
chrismandesign said…
cute, cute, too cute... i can’t stand it... =PPPP all of them rocks !!!
Anonymous said…
I'm a big fan of shinchan like your wife. What makes me laugh is it's wizzy dance. I've seen all animes but only read 2 tomes of the manga.
I didn't know that figures of him existed, i want hem too. They're too cute.
LEon said…
I wished his dog is in the toy collection too but sadly it didn't.

I see your point. :)

@Ant Sized Man
I was taken in with the quality of SHinchan's expression too!

Yes I did. :)

Thanks! It hard to come by such good offers.

I was equally surprised by KFC having such rare toy line for their chicky meal. :)

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