Cosplayers Outside AFA09 Part 1

Sorry for the late update. Was busy taking photos and edit it over the weekend. I went to Suntec on Sunday to meet up with other bloggers and photographers.

The AFA09 was happening on the fourth level but I stayed at the third level to take photograph of the cosplayers and chit chat with friends. I felt rather overwhelmed to see the amount of cosplayers at every corner dressing in colorful costume and having lots of fun.

If you know some of the cosplayers character and the Anime, leave a comment to let me know. :D

Did I mention some of the costume were very well done and grand.

A close up for that cosplayer

Here are some that should be scary but since it is in the broad day light, most will take the scariness seriously.

This look bloody...poor No.6 Captain of Soul Society...

From Resident Evil... scary enough for you? I think he should be sweating inside.

Talking about size, this should win them all that day. A Gundam is in the building!

Someone actually put on the costume to look like a Gundam. This is not a Gundam 00 Raiser model but a cosplayer inside.

Credit to Borneo Falcon for informing that is the pilot Setsuna F. Seiei.

Some are cosplayers are fans of certain series and you have to give them the credit with the amount of afford they spent or D.I.Y their costume and stay in character.

We know the cosplaying screen has mostly dominated by female but it is encouraging to see they are growing number of male cosplayers.

I think this one from one online game...Granado Espada?

Here is one of my favourite Male cosplay that day. Ichigo from Bleach!

If you are the cosplayers in the photo above and want me to link you, please leave a comment in this post and I will give credit and link you up. :)

  Continue to the Female cosplayers that day.

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Chris said…
LEon said…
I'm doing fine. Been busy taking photos. LOL
rockleelotus said…
these are some of the nicest photos ive seen of the cosplayers at AFA! that Ichigo cosplay is really awesome.
LEon said…
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. They are better photos for the next post. :D
desmond said…
Bro, love your detailed coverage on the cosplayers..a lot of pretty gals out there..waiting your photos :)
Anonymous said…
These are awesome pictures dude!! If the male ones are that can't wait for the female part :D
Panther said…
Hey LEon you are probably doing the update for the second part so yeah, this is Panther. Not sure if my email shows up here, but if it does not just head to my blog and use the contact page to send me a message (I will know your email instantly obviously) and I will get back to you regarding that photo you took of me and Sochii (the Kaito). Thanks!

And nice meeting you.
I see the cosplayers were very different from those on the first day. Nice pics taken.
LEon said…
Thanks bro. I think you will enjoy the next post.

Thank you. Remember to give rating on my post ya?

Sure bro I sent a contact to you already. Nice to meet you too! :D

Thanks bro. Which day is better for cosplay? 1st day or 2nd day?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link dude ^^ Rated :D
kluxorious said…
His name is Byakuya, that No.6 Captain of Soul Society ;)

and I have to agree with you. Ichigo look so sick! Wish I could say the same for Sasgay LOL
LEon said…
@chubbybots said...
You are most welcome. We should meet up during such events. LOL

@kluxorious said...
Thanks for the info. They are a few Ichigo that day but the one in the photo look pretty smart and cool to the anime character.
Borneo Falcon said…
The Gundam is 00 Raiser while the pilot is Setsuna F. Seiei
LEon said…
@Borneo Falcon
Thanks for the info. The pilot cosplayer look like a woman inside tho. :)
Ant Sized Man said…
Amazing Gundam cosplay and a very scary looking RE dude.
The Ichigo looks amazing, looking like a fun event.
LEon said…
@Ant Sized man
The wearing of Gundam costume was hard for that cosplayer. If they can do Gundam, they could do Macross next year. LOL The standard of cosplay in Singapore is getting better year by year. :)
Juliana said…
I missed the whole event, luckily you were there to take all these photos and share about what you saw with us. Thanks very much! :D
LEon said…
You are most welcome. :)

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