Cosbaby Disney Friends Christmas Version Hottoys

It's exactly one more month to Christmas.

Cosbaby from Hottoys had come up with a Disney series for this Christmas. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck will come in a set. Why is it Donald Duck instead of Minnie Mouse?

I know they are a fair share of fans who do not like Donald Duck. I am NOT one of them. Instead I love the character of Donald Duck more than Mickey Mouse.

If you are thinking of getting a toy for this Christmas for some gals, this maybe a perfect gift to them.

You can get Cosbaby Disney Christmas Friend set here!
Disney Friends Christmas Cosbaby Set - Mickey and Donald

When I see Christmas toys, the first thing that come to mind is... the year is coming to an end again... Emo...


They are cute. I like Donald Duck too! This post reminds me that it time for me to set up Christmas at home and shopping for gifts.
LEon said…
Good to know another Donald fan. :D It's a joyful season to buy gift for our loved ones. :)
desmond said…
I don't think we need to get them from overseas. Falcon and other local toy shops definitely will bring in these..
LEon said…
Thanks for the info. That is only true for collector reside in SG. :)

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