Coming: SFX Revoltech in 2010

In 2010, Revoltech is rolling out SFX line features iconic characters from American and Japanese movie or TV series. Some of the characters is not the first time being made into toys other toy maker. However this new toy line may breathe new life or revival so to say to some movie franchise. Only time will tell.

Among all the SFX Revoltech line, here are some that I find it interesting personally.

No.002 Alien
How can one tired of Alien? For close to 2 decades, fan never seems to grow tired of Aliens. Toy maker like McFARLANE, NECA and even kaiyodo did a series of them before. Revoltech finally get Alien into the SFX line. Beside the multiple articulations of the Alien warrior, it comes with the egg and the Facehugger. With Alien in the series, fans can look forward to the likely possibility of the Alien Queen or the Predictor in days to come.

No.004 Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington, a lead character from Disney film Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has found the way into the Revoltech. Even thought some years ago, McFARLANE and NECA did made him out as a Toy. Maybe this time, it will be more articulated than before.

No.007 Gamera & No.008 Gyaos
Taken from a Japanese movie 1967, Gamera vs. Gyaos (大怪獣空中戦 ガメラ対ギャオス), both monster will be made for fans to relive the epic battle yourself. I have always find Gamera cute.

No.009 Batman
Riddle me this, Batman from the movie made it to revoltech but why not Joker? Well Batman fans, eat your heart out.

No.011 T-rex
The one that I did not see it coming a T-rex. And not only any other T-rex but T-rex from the movie Jurassic Park with Diorama! So will the Raptor be coming soon?

These are the interesting figures in the line of SFX that interest me. More of other information can be found on nekomagic and here


I personally find the Turtle monster cute. Is he one the monster from Gozilla series?
LEon said…
Yes Dennis. I think he was with Godzilla in some old jap movie.
desmond said…
Yes Leon, this SFX line looks very interesting to me too :)
Looking forward to the T-rex fron Jurassic Park! I got the big one from the Jurassic Park toyline.
chubbybots said…
That 'turtle' actually has her own series of movies. That series includes Gamera vs Legion, Gamera vs Gyaos...quite awesome and as good as godzilla shows imo :D That T rex was quite unexpected lol.

Hopefully they can include in their future line up the T800 (cross fingers) and Robocop haha ^^
LEon said…
Which one you plan to get?

@Little plastic man
I would love to get one myself too.:D

Robocop would be a good choice. Maybe even better if they do the villain of Robocop those 2 robots.
Ant Sized Man said…
Like the pumpkin Jack and a T-rex, looking very Jurassic park like to me.
Also saw a powersuit from the anime Starship Troopers along wth the Zoids that i would like to get.
LEon said…
@Ant Sized Man
When you get it, can you review it too?
Anonymous said…
Revoltech sure comes out with something new here! I think I'm gonna get batman and jack skellington...
chrismandesign said…
batman fans eat ur heart out???... c’on i’m such a fan of batman, vehicules specially... did u see my thumbler batmobile??? on e of my future post will b a Lego Batwing... so u anti-batman fan... eat ur heart out !!! LOL
LEon said…
For the latest movie version I am a Joker fan and not a batman fan especially not a Christian Bale.
chrismandesign said…
i guess u r newbie in Batman concerns dear colleague (no offences)... the last 2 Batman movies r closer to the new vision of this comic heroe, a man with a disturbed mind, that carry with d bale of his past, a man/heroe/antiheroe that make mistakes, far from the Batman characters saw in previous movies... that’s d reason why this version is called Batman The DARK Knight
LEon said…
I am never much of a Batman fan. If I have to place my choice I would have choose superman any other day. So let's keep our personal preference to that.

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