Coming Bleach Alpha Omega Neliel & Sarugaki Hiyori 1/8 PVC Figure

One of the female bleach character I fancy is none other than Neliel. She is cute when she is a whining kid and sexy when she return to her former self. Finally a decent figure is going to be release for Neliel brought to you by Alpha Omega.

You can get Neliel figure here!

Here's some good cosplay photo that I like so far.

Neliel in cute kid form

*Photo credit to and the real cosplayer at

Neliel Tu

*Photo credit to

Together with Neliel release which releasing in February next year is the tomboy-ish Sarugaki Hiyori which in all honestly I am not really a fan of her.


desmond said…
I like the main character "Ichigo Kurosaki" as I still playing the PSP game..
LEon said…
Which part are you playing? Part 4 or 5?
kluxorious said…
I fucking want both! although not really a fan of Nel (I think she's annoying both as kid/adult) and love Hiyori. I hope with this figure it will indicate that she has a long life ahead of her >_>
LEon said…
It's quite rare for me to see Hiyori fan. You are the first I see. Personally the tomboy image is not my cup of tea. :)
I got a friend who likes Neliel a lot. He even has Neliel cute keychain on his haversack.
Hexlord said…
Oh dear, the photo of Neliel kid form is actually my friend's cousin:

I wonder if they gotten permission from the owners of the photos... seem to be leeched from various sources on the Internet :X
LEon said…
Your friend like the kid form or the adult form? Most guys like the adult form which has very obvious reason.

Thanks for sharing. I couldn't find the exact photo at the account. I wonder if that photo is taken by others during a convention or gathering. I will put a link to credit your friend. Meanwhile do inform your friend about it. If she is not okay, I can simply remove that link to the photo. Thank you. :)
Hexlord said…
@Leon -> Yeah, thanks man. She knows about your webby cos I showed her the link. :)
desmond said…
Don't know which version. The characters are very cute in the game. All are small size with big heads. May be the 2008 version..
LEon said…
I didn't know have cute version of bleach on PSP. Can give me the whole title name? thanks!

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