Wonder Woman Justice League McDonalds Happy Meal Toy

Not long ago, I reported on this blog that Justice League had landed in Singapore McDonalds. Since my family is having a meal in McDonalds(again), I decided to order a Happy Meal and the conversation goes like the following:

Staff: Welcome to McDonalds. May I have your order please?
Me: I want a Happy meal with a Wonder Woman Toy please!
Staff: ... You want a cheese burger or a Nuggets?
Me: ?? Hm...Nuggets...
Staff: Fries or corns?
Me: Fries.... (I just want Wonder Woman)
Staff: Drinks?
Me: Yes please. (get over and done with already!!!)
Staff: What soft drinks do you want Sir?
Me: ....Coke? (Faster)
Staff: That will be S$4.50
Me: (Reach for my wallet to pay the bills) I want wonder woman for the toy.
Staff: I know.
Me: (Good for you!)

Alas. I can't wait to open the toy.

There there. The full glory of Wonder Woman.

The display casing was wonderfully made in 3D.

Open up the casing, you will find 3 mini cards for the game play.

Each of these 3 cards has a Scissor, Paper and Stone sign on the top right hand corner while some power rating on the top left corner. I got Superman, Wonder woman and Red Tornado for the card.

By turning them the facing down, you really can't guess which card is which due to the same design. Good card game play for kids.

As for my Wonder Woman, I am planing to put it on my desk for display.

Did you think this Wonder Woman will cheer you up at work? Better her than Hawkgirl. :P


Juliana said…
Hehe, I understand how you felt when ordering the Happy Meal. :D

If I remember correctly, the cheapest combination of Happy Meal is with Apple Dippers and Apple Juice (packet drink). And if you don't feel like eating that much then, you can just consume the main meal and bring home the rest :)

Btw, Wonder Woman looks kinda stern with this facial expression :P
LEon said…
From my order you know I didn't make the healthier choice. LOL THanks for the tip!

You are right. On the front view WW look rather FAT and that is why I took it side way. What do you expect from eating too much Fast food? LOL
again you have such lovely happy meals. i wish we have something nice for a change.


ps found out that from 5 nov till 2 dec we have star wars. yoehoe.
kluxorious said…
hehehe, did the staff give you one of those queer looks?
LEon said…
You mean Starwars for Mcdonalds toy??! Please share with us if that is the case.

In some way yes but she hide it rather well. LOL
Bubbashelby said…
Haha - that transaction was funny - and most crazed toy collectors have had to go through that on many an occasion. :)
In future, can bring along niece or nephew when ordering Happy Meal as decoy. Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
Indeed. I won't be surprise how many times a day they get such response from some adults. LOL

That will work!!

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