Transformers ROTF Ejector Scout Class Toy

My family used to have a toaster and every morning my mother will toast a bread or two for me before I head to school. Never have I imagine that a Toaster will be a transformers. What more, it's not an autobot but a Decepticon.

I vividly remember seeing Ejector appearing in one of the scene in Revenge of the Fallen movie at Sam's house. However I don't remember Ejector look like one of the character found on an old Japanese Mask... Spooky or cartoonish, you tell me.

It look quite comical but what the heck, Mubflap and Skidz looked comical as well. See how silly Ejector looks? Well it is good for coming Halloween I must say.

The transformation of Robot to toaster is pretty straight forward. It all begin with the arms.

Slowing bend his arms backward and bend his body forward.

After a few simple steps, the Ejector became the toaster. I love the toaster mode (which is why I got this figure) more than the robot mode. Reason? It's in the details. The chrome silver paint, the light indicator and the temperature knob. What is missing are the gaps for inserting the bread. It even comes with a 3 pins plug as a tail. Now how cool (geeky) is that?

"Look sir! Droids!"

That's right, the toaster reminds me of Mouse Droid from Starwars than a toaster actually. Don't you think so too?


kluxorious said…
it has a plug as well? lol that is hilariously cute.
So what is the use of being able to transformer to a toaster? Toast for the decepticons for breakfast?
desmond said…
This is definitely a cute decepticon and yet fierce robot that attacked Sam in the house..Haha!!
The plug makes it even more cute. Why didn't some of the appliances turned to autobut. Ha! Ha!
LEon said…
I only know about the plug when I open the toy. A pleasant surprise. LOL

@Little Plastic Man
Good question! Maybe the director, Mr. Michael Bay can answer that.

You going to get this right? since he is in the movie?

That is another question we need to Michael bay to answer. :)
Ant Sized Man said…
Saw this one in toyrus and thought it was a very cool transformer, really like the choice of name, Ejector. Quality toy for being so small.
LEon said…
@Ant Sized Man
Would you be getting it as well? Scout class transformers are for offer over at my end so that lure me to get this guy. :)
desmond said…
Leon, this is not in my want list and thus, skip!!
chrismandesign said…
i didn’t know such a dangerous/funny decepticon were available (i can’t believe it !!!) obviously u like weird figures like me (& to make comic strip in ur posts as well...) the last pics is hilarious XDDDDDD
LEon said…
Thanks. Like most transformers toys I have, I always buy because of their disguise mode and not really their robot mode. I mean how cool it is to have a toaster for a decepticon? Well if he is a microwave that could be dangerous...but not a toaster.

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