Toy Blogger Outdoor Photoshoot Gathering 18 Oct 2009 Part 2

Continue where we left off yesterday. Yotsuba was so excited going for the outdoor photoshoot with a group of friends she never met before.

See how happy she was?

She was so excited that she start to play as a tour guide.

Talking about Tour guide. We were at Clarke Quay in the morning and while we were busy posing our toys and start taking pictures, a group of tourists were walking passed. The tour guide was telling them we are Anime toy hobbyist taking outdoor photo shoot. That happen not only once but twice and both different tour group and tour guide. All of the suddenly our photo shoot of our toys became a tourist attraction of Singapore...

Clarke Quay used to be a warehouse area in the early day of Singapore and today some of those old warehouses are still there. Most of them have become restaurants and pubs.

What's fun being at Clarke Quay?

You can gather your friends and be open to make new friends from different countries and different walks of life as you feast, drink or party the night away.

Or you can sit along the Singapore river and watch the time cruising by without a care in the world.

You can find a good friend to sit beside the river and chat about anything under the Sun.

Everybody need some de-stressing and sometime you can choose to talk about it or just do some self-reflection and switching off oneself from the world around us.

As we know accident do happen in life and something awful happen on that fateful morning. See anything missing of Yotsuba in the following picture?

I was standing on top of the drain holding my Yotsuba on one hand while my other hand reached to my bag to search for something. It was then I realized something about Yotsuba was not right. Her top left bunny tail went missing. WTF?!

Fanatically, I looked for it, retracing my route and with the help of a few photographer and blogger friends but it was unsuccessful. I came to conclusion the missing hair is very likely fell to the drain. Yotsuba was very angry and was I. How can I be so careless?! The drain was dark and deep... My heart sank into that deep dark drain...

Is this the end of the world for Yotsuba? What will happen next? Where is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when you need them?

Continue reading Part 3 here.

Or you can visit the respective bloggers for their coverage of the event!


Kodomut said…
I feel your pain. Losing parts really sucks.
nice one dude...
keep up the good story
TheFuzzy said…
Ouch, sorry for your loss.

This brings to mind though: is there anywhere where one can buy spare parts?
I feel so sorry for both you and Yotsuba. Sad that the search for the bunny hair was to no avail. I hope your project to replace the missing part will be a success.
ninjovee said…
Ouch. Losing hand parts is one thing, but Yotsuba's pigtail... that's a huge bummer. Sorry for your loss D:

On the brighter side of things though, I think everyone enjoyed the photoshoot you organized! It's a success :)
kluxorious said…
oh noes! I dunno which inflicted more pain. Losing parts or broken parts >_<
Anonymous said…
That drain was really DEEP!

My condolences...
LEon said…
Indeed bro...Will look for a solution. That was a caculated risk nevertheless...

@Asrul "iLham" Sany
Thank you Asrul. Wait for part 3 okay?

Thank you. I have no idea where to get the spare part but I have some ideas to replace it D.I.Y. However I do not think the success rate would be high knowing my paint skill sucks.

Thanks for helping in search for the parts. Will update if the project is successful or failed. It's a long shots.

Thank you for your encouragement. You are right about the company. We must always be positive. That what keep life going.

Both are equally painful...

Thank you. Wish ninja turtles were there. LOL
chunky B said…
I feel for you, I lost a few toy parts in my day, one being recently and it still bugs me, maybe contact the company and see if you can get a replacement, sometimes if you ask nice they will send one.
Ant Sized Man said…
Bad luck, i reckon alot of use toy collector have lost so many pieces for a toys.
LEon said…
The problem is I do not know how to write in Japanese to the japanese toy manufacture. However I will give it a shot in english to kaiyodo. Thx bro!

@Ant Sized Man
It is something a toy collector has to come to terms with somewhere down the line. :)
YuKi-To said…
nice pics! ^^
looks like the u and the camera have great potential! =P
LEon said…
Thanks. But still have a lot to learn from you guys actually. :D

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