Toy Blogger Outdoor Photoshoot Gathering 18 Oct 2009 Part 1

We started out Outdoor Photo shoot in a early weekend morning. As I was on my way to Clarke Quay, it started raining but when I reached there, the rain has stopped. To begin with our photo shoot, we decided to take some group shots.

The toy participants that day includes

My Yotsuba, Macross Valkyrie from Dennis and his photo of the outing is here.

Miku Hatsume from Hexlord. He got it as a gift from a friend. I'm so envious! See more of his photoshot of the outing here

YuKi-To's Fatina, the biggest toy of that outing that day.

click here to see more of Fatina.

Fuzzy's Rin.

Zh3us's loads of figma. More of his Photoshots that day here.

and something extra...who is he? I have no idea but he look funny...a MOE??

Updated: According to ninjovee that extra guy is Minoru from Lucky Star.

Ederuferuto's Drossel (I so wanting this figure! Alas get to touch it and hold it). Lily Saber belongs to Scorchnroses.

More of Ederuferuto photoshoot here and Scorchnroses here.

Finally, the Kamen Rider from Xs-27. Read more of the photoshoot here.

More updates tomorrow as I'm have a tiring day after the shoot and some household chores... Getting old but it's fun meeting other toy lovers and photographers.

Continue reading part 2.


ninjovee said…
Wow that's a nice gathering of toys! Will there be another post with more photos? :D

and that extra guy is Minoru from Lucky Star... he's funny but he's not moe. LOL

Here's a pretty understandable explanation of Moe
LEon said…
Yes there will be more parts coming up for the next few days. I'm getting old as I'm drained after the photoshoot. Thank God we started early morning.

Thanks for the info on the extra guy. LOL
Anonymous said…
Hoho. Finally some love for Minoru...
kluxorious said…
lol poor Minoru. That guy deserved some love!

and I look forward to see Rin in action. I'm contemplating of getting her and Len but is not sure. This would be a great opportunity to see her versatility.
Jcee said…
Wowowo looked like you guys had a good time! So many figures!
Congrats on your successful outdoor photo shoot gathering! I bet it was fun...sorry I could not make it.
LEon said…
Is your Minoru right?

Rin was there on that day too. check out here.

It was a good time alright but I was very tired after the half day shoot.
LEon said…
@Little plastic Man
Thank you. Dennis and I wished you were there but we understand. :)
Hexlord said…
Nice to meet you guys! :)
It's an awesome experience for my first outdoor toy photography. It nice meeting new friends too! Thx for organising this.
LEon said…
Nice to meet you too. Have to learn more professional photography from you and other guys.

Thanks for your support too bro! It a fun time and we have a good talk. Did you received my email?
Yes bro! Thanx so much!
desmond said…
Wow!! it must be pretty fun..
LEon said…
Yes it is. Too bad you can't make it on a Sunday morning.
TheFuzzy said…
It was a great photoshoot! Thanks for organizing it! I had great fun meeting all of you!

Well, maybe except Hexlord.


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