Street Fighter IV Voice Command Action Chain or Strap

If you are a diehard Street Fighter fan, this keychain or strap should be "MUST GET" for you! It would be a noob to ask what does this Joystick looking straps does. If you are a pure street fighter fan and given the name of the character on the joystick, you should figure out what to do with it by now.

For those who are not that Geekish (which is not really a bad thing), here's a hint. See the characters moves below? Just repeat the same motion and you will hear something.

With the correct move, the character sound will be activated. Sound easy? It is easy if you do it right. I hope the sound is not that loud tho...

Take your pick between Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim and Chun Li. I guess many will go for Ryu and Ken (I know I would). These product should be out early next month officially.

I always wonder how Dhalsim can speak and blow fire at the same time? Anyone can answer that?


desmond said…
I would pick my favourite Ken. But not buying it..Haha!!
LEon said…
desmond I remember in the old Streetfighter 2 both Ryu and ken voice is the same but later on they got their own voice over. LOL
Sei.Mn said…
WOW, this is so cool!! i will love to have one!! love to have Ryu~
LEon said…
If you want some of the local store are taking preorder but I think they sell in a set and it maybe quite ex for some.

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