Sideshow Predator Super Deformed Vinyl Figure - Aliens Vs Predator

Sideshow had came out with some SD Alien Vs. Predator Requiem Vinyl Collectibles designed by Three-B.

I enjoy the SD Predator which stand about 20cm which comes with half in translucent mode.

Offering both Mask off and Mask on.

I always like the Masked on mode. There are 2 more Aliens in the series which in green and blue translucent mode which should be simulated like the view from the Predator Mask view.

Between Alien Vs Predator, who do you support? For me, Predator for the Win!


Bracken said…
Predator for me too...(machiko, ha!)

You can't reason or negotiate with Aliens...
Alien is like Jaws - "all it does it eat, and sleep, and make little baby sharks." Scary.
LEon said…
You are so right Bracken about the Aliens. LOL

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