Replacing my Old PSP buttons

While PSP GO is available in the market, I am still playing with my old PSP 1006 aka PSP Phat. I got it in 2005 and it was a design that is way ahead of his time. For four years in my service, it has been a faithfully accompany me through my daily journey from home to work and back, overseas trips and bedtime music. Even his slim intercessor came out,I was never once tempted to replace him.

When the original batteries die on me (in four years), I have trouble looking for original replacement and in the end settle for a substitution. Not long ago, the buttons gave me some hiccup due to wear and tear while I was playing Project Diva.

I looked around for solution and manage to find rubber padding for buttons. I know I had to open my PSP to do the operation.

For assistants, I have Ratchet to assist me for buttons replacement.

In every electronic of electrical operation, always cut the power source off. For PSP, it is a necessity to remove the battery for unscrewing some parts.

The full video for taking the whole PSP Phat can be found here. Before venturing any such operation, one should always calculate the risk.

In my case, I had to. I only need to open up the front panel for changing of button padding so it's still alright I guess.

I used to have a impression that the enclose PSP should be clean but when I open it up, it was a total different story. The old rubber padding was covered with dirt and the rubber padding was not responsive as it should be.

Just look at it! No wonder it is insensitive as before.

How the dust got in the enclosure left me puzzled. After changing both padding and some cleaning, I am pleased to announce that the replacement operation was a success! Credit to my Ratchet too!


I love that u always put stories in ur pictures...
nice works dude.

p/s : nice DIY. I'm pretty bad in DIY. Too scared to do it. huhuhu
LEon said…
Thanks Asrul. I was "Force" to D.I.Y myself because the buttons was not responding well and my warranty has expired a long time ago. LOL
Repair the D.I.Y way is rather cost saving hah!
LEon said…
You are right. If can do it ourselves, why not? Of course must do a calculative risk first. In my case, I got nothing to lose. LOL
Ant Sized Man said…
4 years sounds like a good life for the PSP which has been well used.
Nice fix, never thought about doing it yourself.
LEon said…
Indeed. I don't think a portable console can lasted that long. Check out where I got the parts, they have better offers too!

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