Part 4 of Toy Outdoor Photoshoot Gathering 18 Oct 2009

Continue from where we left of yesterday, the bloggers and toy photographers took a cruise down the Singapore river and arrived at Raffles Place.

Actually it was the toys who got on a bronze vessel at a huge art pieces at Raffles Place.

Yotsuba had a fun time admiring some of the warm-hearted sculptures such as the lovely couple. They look so in love.

A hardworking hawker who deserved a pad on his back.

As always Fatina is looking for some things to blast.

For self defense, Yotsuba can always hopped from one boat to another

Ta-ta! It's that easy.

Not to worry about the Fatina's Madness, there are always a hero around to save the day

If that was not enough, there are always more from where they came from.

Raffles place is an Urban Jungle and it can be overwhelming sometimes surrounded by the tall concrete buildings.

During lunchtime in the weekdays, it would be a hot place for outdoor promotion where anyone is pushing something to you.

Rule of the thumb is to quickly walk away if you are not interested.

What I love about the Raffles Place however is the green open space in the middle of the tall buildings. It can be serene sometime.

See how Yotsuba enjoying herself?

I don't know about Yotsuba but I was quite tired when it hit noon that day. Maybe it had to do with the waking up in the early morning... I was burned out.

Alright, time to say goodbye. Group hug! Group hug! Drossel, I was tempted to bring you home with me.

In closing, I would like to thank all the following bloggers and photographers who made some sacrifices for sleep to meet up on a early Sunday morning. Although I was tired, but I was very encourage to meet such like-minded enthusiastic such as:


Till the next time we meet again. Here some love from us to you!


If you have missing some of the parts, click to see part 1 and 2 and 3.


I really like the fun poses of Yotsuba! Great pics and congrats to the successful event. Many many thx! Cheers!
LEon said…
Dennis it is a success because of you guys. I was just finding an excuse to go group photoshoot. :P
Unknown said…
Wow your pics are really niCE!!!
LEon said…
Thank you! :D
adit said…
i can only say that i am very regretful i couldnt tag along for the outdoor fun!! lovely pics, seems it was a joyride :D
LEon said…
You can join us next time if you are in SG. :D
Anonymous said…
nice pictures:D The spot for that photohunt is also nice too!
What camera are you using?
LEon said…
I'm using Canon 500D with its 18/55 lens kit. :) If you reside in Singapore, you should join us for the photoshoot. :)

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