Part 3 of Toy Outdoor Photoshoot Gathering 18 Oct 2009

I have accepted the fact for the lost of Yotsuba hair when we decided to move to further up Clarke Quay. Since my summer Yotsuba come with her sun hat, that should cover the problem for awhile.

Plus the Hot Sun was out! So two good reasons to wear a sun hat. Yotsuba love the sun.

Like me, Yotsuba was not alone. We are surrounded with supportive and encouraging company. The show must go on!

When faced with frustration in life, we can react to our feelings in different manner.

We can choose to let our feeling have the best of us by mindlessly burst the rage on everything in sight...

or we can handle it in a peaceful manner like coming into terms about some problem and look for solution later. I do find singing or listening to music helps especially listening to some the cheerful songs by Miku. Look at her cute dancing always cheer me up.

With Miku beside us, Yotsuba and I burst out a song which was in our heart.
"Smile even though your heart is breaking. Smile even thought it's aching..." (Cookie for those who can guess what song is this). :P

We should be able to laugh at ourselves for our mistakes sometime. That would be the first step to recovery.

We stumble and fall sometime, so what about it? Put on smile and pick yourself up! No big deal ya?

When you are surrounded by good company, let go of your hair and enjoy it! There is no need to put on a serious face all the time.

Enjoy the beauty of life and be grateful by counting our blessings.

Most importantly, never lock yourself up in a box or build high walls around yourself. People may knock on your door but only you can open your heart. Open the box of your heart and let the beautiful self out.

You may not change the fact of something that happen but you can certainly choose your response to it. For that is a choice.

With that out of our chest, Yotsuba and I can finally can continue the fun with the rest of the photoshoot. Stay tune for fun time on our next post as we move to the next location.

Next stop, Raffles Place interchange. Passenger traveling toward Yishun or Woodland please transfer to the platform B for the next bound train.... LOL

Continue to read the final part 4 here.

If you have joined us half way. Here part 1 and 2.


Anonymous said…
LOL! My Outdoor Box A

Any plans on restoring the hair?
Yotsuba is one cheerful figure. Great narration on the happening during photo shoot on the bridge.
LEon said…
It's quite impossible to get another Yotsuba just for the hair. So I may get some clay and do a replacement. Just a wild thought. LOL

Thanks Dennis. I can't really feel upset when I saw yotsuba smiling face. LOL
KazeTora said…
The song is Smile - Nat King Cole :)

Btw... tallgeese III endless waltz ver spotted!!! 1/144 ey? I was supposed to go there at that time, but I have another appointment at 11.00, man. Next time, probably?
KazeTora said…
Euh... it's a tallgeese I actually, my brain is a bit halted today due to lack of energy. Tallgeese III have blue-white motive -_-;; Gomen...
LEon said…
Cookie for you! :D Next time join us okay? You and Dennis will be good gundam friends.
Sei.Mn said…
I love Yotsuba de manga!! love it loads!! :)
kluxorious said…
I know I have said this before but I love Yotsuba's expression! It cheers me up!
rockleelotus said…
love Yotsuba, sucks about the lost hair piece but at least she has a hat for cover XD

nice photos and Yotsuba is great in helping portray your message ^^
Ant Sized Man said…
Excellant photos, Good thing you bought the summer version Yotsuba so you got the hat.
LEon said…
The Manga is cute and funny.

I agree. Looking at her also cheer me up each time. :)

Thank you. The hat is a good accessories even if the hair was not missing. LOL

@Ant Sized Man
Even if I have to choose, I still will get the summer version for the cute accessories and it's value.
desmond said…
Leon, you are quite professional in taking photos..
LEon said…
Thanks desmond. Most of the credit goes to the DSLR. :) If you join us that day, I'm sure you can take more interesting photo too! Everyone was on fire that day. LOL
Juliana said…
Hi LEon,

I'm sorry to know of your loss. Nevertheless, I like the way you turned the situation around and blogged about overcoming obstacles in life in general. I hope you'll find a replacement hair part for your toy soon! And thanks for sharing about your toy photo shoot event! :D
LEon said…
Thanks Juliana. Even if I can't find the replacement, Yotsuba will still be love by me. :D

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