Ogura Yui 小倉 唯編 of Hatsune Miku

Sometime ago I shared about the talent and Kawaii (Cute) 14 years old gal (now should be 16), Ogura Yui who gave Miku and other Vocaloid a soul in her dance move.

Here is a video of her dancing along with the MTV of Miku for comparison. Remember she was the original dancing sample for Miku full of youthful strength and energy.

Have you watched the above video? If you have not, please do before advancing as I am going to ask you some questions.

1. Did you see the Leek suddenly appear out of no where when Miku character is dancing?
2. Did you notice the door behind kept opening and closing but no one walk out?
3. Did you notice the car decal of Miku?
4. Who are you watching most of the time? Ogura Yui or Miku?

If the answer for No.4 is Ogura Yui, you are normal otherwise go get a Miku figure.

Want to see more of Ogura Yui clearly?

I like the SEGA voice being played like the starting of the game. Ogura Yui only speak and did not sing. The singing is still Miku's voice. By the way the song title is "miku miku ni shite ageru" みくみくにしてあげる♪ which is the last song and stage of Project Diva on PSP.

Here's a female dress as Miku and play LIVE with her electric guitar! Respect!

By the way, Miku Hatsune will be LIVE at concert in the coming AFA.


Jcee said…
1. Ya noticed that about midway.
2. Nope didn't notice that.
3. Saw that before the video started haha
4. I was trying to watch them both at the same time, but my eyes shifted towards Miku most of the time LOL

And now you have your own store? That's so cool! By the way, check your email!
LEon said…
Got your email. The store have been there for over a month actually... :(
kluxorious said…
I didn't notice the door. but lol at the magic leek.
Glad also to know that I'm normal :P
rockleelotus said…
i remember watching this, she is so cute! real nice to see the source of Miku's moves... also i made normal status lol
Didn't notice the rest, but I'm sure I'm looking at Ogura Yui. Ha! Ha!

Impressive guitar play. Maybe in future there will be Miku Miku on guitar heroes!
collectibles said…
she look very beautiful in that dress .....
LEon said…
@kluxorious & rockleelotus
Welcome to the club. LOL

I wished I can play as well as that cosplay Miku guitarist. :(

you mean miku or Yui?
Ant Sized Man said…
What an amazing little dancer, notice the magic leeks.
Anonymous said…
Hehe, I blogged about this too ^^ and I have since mastered this dance! Mwahahahaha
LEon said…
@Ant Sized Man
I watched the video many times and I wished I can dance like her.

Really?! By mastering you mean you dance like that? In a group or alone? Do you have it as a youtube? It would be nice to share. I can't dance like her. Think it would be a epic if I try. LOL

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