NECA Raziel for Halloween

For Halloween, I decided to review my Raziel from NECA together with Joshua of Stormtrooper Effect as we are fans of the game. What more fitting to have Raziel for Halloween right?

If you are not a gamer, Raziel maybe very foreign to you. He is from Soul Reaver, a story about Vampires which spawn out from another game called "Legacy of Kain" in PS1. Below is the best intro of Soul Reaver 1 video I could find.

Raziel was a downline of Kain and he was one of the first Vampire that goes through evolution. His maker Kain was so jealous of that he strip Raziel wings and threw him down to the depths. There Raziel was given a second chance and a gift to travel freely into material and Special plane to have his revenge on Kain. In the game, he return to condemn the Vampires and Kain.

NECA had made 2 version but I can only afford to get the material version.

NECA offers the following features. Given 24 points of articulations, the figure articulation still did not match up with my expectation. However the looks of the character made up for that.

Time to Open the toy! Splendid figure that capture the essence of Raziel in the game.

skinny on the side? That's how he suppose to be (I'm so jealous!).

Here where it is getting interesting. See the broken wings of Raziel?

You can spread it out like in the game. He can only glide and not take flight as the bones was damaged by Kain.

The full glory of Raziel.

In the game, Raziel has the ability to kill vampire and suck their soul. Be warned that the true Raziel appearance maybe disturbing to some.

Burned by the depths of flowing waters, Raziel suffers tissue burned and this is what it was left of him...even without his lower jaw.

The first thing he did when he return, he found a scarf and cover his face up.

For the accessories of NECA Raziel includes one extra pair of hands(don't really have the use of it), Fire Torch and a spirit energy Soul reaver.

With the spirit Soul reaver on.

it can attached on both his hands.

My favorite accessories of this figure is surprisingly the burning torch

Set the vampire on Fire or for dinner?

The torch is just nice to set the pot on fire.

They said "Revenge is a dish best served Cold"...

But it's Halloween. So let just do the Tricks or Treats instead.

Speaking of Halloween, do you know that in Hongkong Halloween is a public holiday? Why can't we have that here in Singapore?! oh well... Think tonight is a good time for the cosplayers.

Anyway Happy Halloween everyone and happy birthday Joshua!


Happy belated Halloween and I sympathized Raziel after watching the intro.

Like you, I like buying toys related to anime, movie and game.
LEon said…
Happy Belated Halloween to you too. I may want to borrow some Anime from you. LOL
No prob! Just sms me the titles! Pass you the next time I see you.
chrismandesign said…
he, he, this was a "long " time ago... as i comment somewhere, i’m not a Neca fan, i prefer in most cases McFarlane figures by far... nevertheless i like this Raziel, the detail, paint job & accesories make it worths while... definitely i like ur philosophy "Open the toy"... =D
LEon said…
Yes open it all ya? LOL

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