Justice League Happy Meal toys in Singapore McDonalds

Since last week, Justice League has landed in Singapore McDonalds! Say hello to the new Happy meal toy.

Total of 8 toys:

Hawk Girl
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Red Tornado
Martian Manhunter

Each toy display figure is a card casing that holds 3 Justice League cards consist of Scissors, Paper and Stone for card playing. Great for display if you asked me.


It's like a mini bust to me. Will you be collecting all? BTW, nice Ciboys banner. I guess Ciboys will be your next theme.
LEon said…
Yes it is a mini bust cum card holder. And I don't think I can afford to take in more fast food as I am gaining weight.

Spot on for C.I.Boys but it would just be a post. :D
Juliana said…
I'm skipping this set as I prefer the figures to be whole (head to toe) rather than half bodies :P
LEon said…
I was thinking of that too!

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