HOBBY SEARCH will stop selling Adult Goods

This maybe it for some collectors but apparently, HOBBY SEARCH decided to stop selling Adult Goods starting 4th November 2009. More specifically, some of PVC figures, Anime Toys and Magazines, and ALL of Eroges and Adult Mangas will be deleted from their homepage. However, those who pre-order before that Hobby Search still honor their orders.

Although I am not into collecting such figures, I wonder what is their term of Adult figure they are talking about? Those that come with removing clothing figure? does that include Queen Blade from revoltech?

In my opinion, Hobby Search is responsible by making sure one will not stumble into a adult toy unintentionally by giving warning of age limit before displaying the figures.

If that was not enough, they censored the sensitive parts of the figures. This shows that they put in much thoughts for the general public.

So what is the reason for terminating of selling adult figures? All because of Paypal service over their end.

Is that a wise move? I am pretty sure some of the paypal users purchase "Adult stuff". Well, you lose some and win some.

What's your thoughts on this matter?


Denn said…
Yeah, I noticed when I checked their site today. I'm not sure what paypal has to do with this move though. Hobbysearch has accepted paypal and then banned paypal before (repeatedly too, and such a large scale move has never happened). Besides, I checked the japanese version of hobbysearch this morning and it made no mention of ending eroge/adult item sales on Nov 4th. On a side note the japanese site only ships to customers within Japan, which leads me to think that hobbysearch is pulling the plug on eroge goods only for overseas buyers. Plus this move will make them loose money - how much I don't know but nevertheless I doubt it will have a positive effect on their account books.
Which leads me to think that this is something like what a few eroge publishers are doing: banning foreigners from accessing items that (in the eyes of the Japanese merchants) are/will provoke a backlash among sensitive groups overseas (meaning the West of course). Ironically enough, most of the efforts to crack-down on these items have come from within Japan... I think it's just another misguided attempt based on the misconception of Japanese merchants that this will solve the "problem," eg since foreigners can't see it then there won't be any issues.

Or I could be all wrong and this simply just has to do with paypal. Then correct me. Anyways I won't be affected much... though I do wonder how they'll classify which figures are banned.

BTW: nice blog, stumbled on to it while searching for info about the deal w/ hobbysearch. gd job.
What a pity! That means the collectors for adult figures would have to find other source and probably pay more.

Got children at home. Can't collect such figures. Hee! Hee!
LEon said…
Hey thanks for your insightful sharing. Neither do I know what is true too but some of your points do let consider different point of view. :)

Same here bro. LOL
Ant Sized Man said…
Not into such things but it is a shame that it reduces your sources of buying them.
chrismandesign said…
well, many of these figures r out of my budget, but i think this is a ltl ridiculous... obviously many ppl see that kind of figures with morbus, i’m not included, & this decision is all bout mony ofc... at least one of these beautiful pieces will b mine LOL...XDDDDDDDD

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