Evil Rose Rumble Roses Figure Konami Figumate

Do you believe love at first sight? Okay may lust at first sight then. I was toy shopping around and instantly feel in love with this cute figure from konami figumate for Rumble Roses. Her name is Evil Rose.

Need more details? Here we go. I love her mask especially the pointy horns.

This is not the reason why I get her for.

You can see the color of her hair was purple. Is she related to Trunkz or Bulma in Dragonball?

See the devil's tail?

Decoration of a roses can be seen often even on her boots just to go with her name. Good branding?

She could be too red for some but that's how she suppose to be. A Red devil.

Talking about wrestling. Can you smell what's the rock is cooking?

I got her loose during one of my toy hunt at a reasonable price. She is such a cutie right? Even goes well with my camera bag! LOL


She's like the female version of Dare Devil. Very cute, didn't know you collect this range of toy.
rockleelotus said…
a cutie thats very lust worthy lol, nice get ^^
Anonymous said…
her tongue add a nice detail for her expression :D
LEon said…
You are right. Now you mention, she do look dare devil. LOL I saw her loose and I love the horn. So I bought it. Not collecting the whole series tho.

If only the figure is without chips it would be prefect. Than again the figure is less than 10cm tall. Can't expect much.

Wow! You notice the tongue too. That make her really cheeky. LOL
desmond said…
a cutie figurine indeed...
kluxorious said…
that was her tongue? I thought she ate an ice-cream and forgot to wipe her mouth. lol

I love the red btw.
LEon said…
Glad you also like it. :D

That's one way to look at it. LOL

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