Coming SH Figuarts Super Saiyan Son Goku from Bandai

I know the line of SH Figuarts from Bandai was going to release Piccolo sometime ago for Dragonball Kai but it doesn't really move me until I saw a color preview of the product, I started to waver.

Now they are going to release Super Saiyan Son Goku (S.H.フィギュアーツ ドラゴンボール改 スーパーサイヤ人 孫悟空) in January next year!

Now that is feeding my interest. I will surely get this Goku and if I can, I will get the Piccolo provided he is much taller than this Goku. Expect more of SH Figuarts to come out the rest of the Dragonball Z fighter and Villains.


desmond said…
Bro..can start saving money for your new toy line :P
LEon said…
Money never enough desmond. Further more I am quite selective so I guess I have some tough choices to make. Saiya Goku is a must tho. LOL

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