C.I.Boys on the Street

In the early years of 2000 in Singapore, C.I.Boys were hot. Their cute design of them in "Journey to the West" characters won the hearts of many with their originality and cute vinyl design. More designs of C.I.Boys hit the market with various cosplay such as Rock band, Gundam, Starwars and the list goes on.I particularly love the street wear C.I.Boys as the design was original and more down to earth.

Here is DERI, the first C.I.Boys. I love these version with the tattoo on his body and wearing a thick golden Blink Blink.

Another DERI in a street jacket.

And another in Basketball dressing.

I have a total of 3 C.I.Boys in Streets dressing and all of them are DERI.

When photographing these toys, somehow they remind me of street gangs on TV. It all begin with a staring incident.

In the mid 1980's, street gangs was a major problem in the developing countries and back then Michael Jackson sang a song Beat it advising youngsters to run away from a fight than to act tough and get hurt. It is wise to get away from such situation rather than in the moment of pride to do something stupid that you regret for the rest of your life.

End of the day, you are still going to face some problem alone.

It take inner strength and wisdom to handle some truth. Sometime taking a step back may require more courage than to face it head on. In the face of such peer pressure, you do not need to prove anything to anyone in order to win the respects from the people you don't loved you care about you.

I had a good time doing some outdoor photography. Once again if you find these photos interesting, join me and other toy bloggers for a outdoor photoshot on 18 Oct 2009! More details can be found here.


desmond said…
They are cute :P
Jcee said…
Very nice set of pics and toys! The choice of background is perfect!
Anonymous said…
Hohoho, Im still wondering whats the Camers your using...
LEon said…
It's hard to find them in SG now...Even when I was in HK, only one or two specialize shop selling them.

Thank you. It was at a play park which have some graphite behind.

Photos were taken by Canon 500D with a Sigma macro lens. :)
Very very nice photos...now I am inspired to take outdoor photos with my toys
LEon said…
@Little Plastic Man
Thank you! Join us on 19 Oct for the photoshoot!! After that we can head to CSC too! Let me know!
I have seen Ciboys in Gundam suit. Cute and feel like buying.
LEon said…
YEs the gundam series made up by many zaku and only one Gundam with DERI.
Most of the time, they were sold as set in SG.
kluxorious said…
OMG they are so effing cute! @_@
LEon said…
They are quite hard to find in SG now...

Thank you for visiting and comment! :D
Anonymous said…
i like the one with basketball clothes! They're all sure have funny face :lol:
LEon said…
I like the basketball clothes as well. They are designer soft vinyl by a Hongkong design house.

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