Bootleg Nike Transformers

In the line of bootleg transformers toy series, I find that Nike Transformers was one of the line that have many knock off version in various design and packaging. Here's one of the version that I happen to find when I went for toy hunting locally.

Did you notice the chrome paint on the figure? They even come with a dust cover inside the box. The back of the box shows various toy repaint.

Knock off following Hasbro in repaint? They are as good and bold as Hasbro in term of repainting ideas. They even have a sweet ladies version on Megatron! LOL

Personally I have 2 sets of them in my toy collections. One set I got from a neighborhood shop sometime back while another was a gift from a friend of mine. I got them as I like them in shoe mode.

I am pretty sure some transformers collectors around my region had one if not two of these too.


cosmicbaby said…
the yellow kicks is nice!
Did you get the rest of the colourways?
Juliana said…
These are very nice for KO toys. I've seen them in person selling at Big Bookstore in Clementi. I look forward to seeing your toy review on them soon! :)
LEon said…
No I did not. It's too sweet for me. LOL

I see if I can do a review. Can't say anything since I do not have the original ones to compare to. :)
Setting up a factory in China is like giving away your blueprint. Anyway, even they are KO, they sure are well made.
Ant Sized Man said…
Looks cool but not a bootleg fan, easy to frin bootlegs where you are?
LEon said…
What to do, the cost there is cheaper than most places...

@Ant Sized Man
I won't say it easy but have some bootleg stuff surface now and then. For the price sometime, it is quite tempting. Great toys for kids.
desmond said…
Are these the original version Transformers?
LEon said…
Nope. None of them in the photos above were Original. :)

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