Yotsuba & Revoltech DX Summer Vocation Set

It's a Sunday afternoon and finally I feel like opening a toy that have been with me for almost a year.

Okay maybe it's not that old. This was the second release of yotsuba in the series since I missed out the first one and heck, this is so much better with lots of accessories! :P I hope that will be the same as Drossel.

The reason why I get her is obvious. She's CUTE!

Here's the illustration of her in the Anime/Manga. Whenever I see her smiling face, I feel happy.

It can make many cool poses too!

Time to open the toy to show her full glory!

See the number of Yotsuba's hands?

Additional 3 facial expression but I still prefer the default smiling face.

Last but not least, a well decorated base stand. I simply love the colors.

The reason for me to open her was to bring her out for outdoor shoots.

I love the details of the Bug container.

The T-shirt of Kodomo Usagi is cute too!

I love her sun hat too! In fact I have a same sun hat! LOL

You look great! Do you want to bring your bag as well.

Just switch the bag for your bug box.

I don't think we have time for bug catching.

It will be too rush for time. Please be understanding Yotsuba.

... Alright I guess we can compromise....

Who's the stubborn one in the first place? !!!-_-

Are you even listening...

I guess not. When I am free, I will bring her out for an outdoor shoot.


Snark said…
To be honest, I wasn't too keen on the revoltech design for Yotsuba; I believe they could have done better.

That said however, she's still fucking cute
kluxorious said…
i dont watch Revoltech but she's cute! and I love the lil' story you wrote. It's funny ^_^
LEon said…
There are always room for improvement and so far they are the only one who do it. So I get it. :D

@Dutch Purple Rabbit
She's cute!

Glad you love the story.

Yotsuba&! is only a Manga so far so I guess that is why you never heard of it. Revoltech have quite a toy line and I still have some of their products with me yet to review. :P
I like Revoltech in robot form. Just got Saber from 'Fate Stay Night'. Figma is very good too!
LEon said…
Dennis, I used to have Saber from Revoltech but I sold it off to get the figma which I have not review yet too. LOL
Ant Sized Man said…
Got her too, bought about a year taken and played with then put in the loft.
One of my favorite manga ive ever read, so damn funny!
LEon said…
Hey good to know you got her too Ant Sized Man. Did you do a review on her? Maybe you can take some outdoor picture with her. LOL
desmond said…
This piece is quite popular as I saw a lot of people bought it. Very cute little anime figure :P
ninjovee said…
I have yet to read on Yotsubato, but I've heard it was quite good. That revoltech is so cute though :3 love her accessories XD
LEon said…
Yes it is popular during that time.

When I got her, the price was quite high. weeks later I saw them on sales almost half of the price. I nearly cried...
Anonymous said…
I always want to get myself on this Summer DX. I only have the Standard yotsuba Revoltech which is very low in terms of accessories. So this summer edition would be very nice to fill that hole. Unfortunately it becomes more rare here in my country TT.

I like the story that you make! It goes really well with yousuba's expression ^^
LEon said…
Thank you.I missed the first standard Yotsuba. It was really hot and was a sell out. So I preorder my summer DX and it was on sale for sometime and now it's another rare pieces. Where are you from? US?

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