Nintendo Mini Classic

A long long time ago, I can still remember... How these gadgets make me smile.

I know they are old skool but these was what I grown up with. Nintendo Game and Watch. The first portable game console in black and white which was very hot in the the early 1980s. My richer school mates will bring these game consoles and we would take turn to competing high scores. Of course those who play often will get higher scores due to conditioning and practices. Donkey Kong was my all time favorite.

Today Game and Watch are almost gone. But Nintendo had released the mini classic which had the same game like the old days but it is smaller which like a key chain. You can play it with the tip of your fingers. Some of it also come with double screen!

Now you can replay the classic game where ever you are.

Firebox is selling these online with 3 classic such as Donkey Kong Jr, Super Mario Bros and Mario clement factory.

Such classic game always had a place in our heart isn't it?


ninjovee said…
These look awesome! I loved playing the Donkey Kong Game & Watch when I was a kid... sucked greatly at it though ^^;
LEon said…
I am not so good with Donkey Kong too ninjovee.
Astro Galaxy said…
Hi LEon,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I enjoy looking at the photos and your blog posts writting too.
Reminds me of 'Western Bar' & the Submarine game too!
LEon said…
You are welcome. :) It good to see another toy collector online. :)

Western Bar rockz! I still remember the submarine game in bright yellow cover and the submarines sound at every beginning of the round. I think the last time I play with that game was 1986...Really old skool. LOL
desmond said…
These bring my memory back to the secondary school. I played Nintendo games: Donkey Kong, Submarine, Mario and a lot more..
TheFuzzy said…
Wait, Zelda? How does that work out? o_O
LEon said…
When Im in secondary schools, no one bring game & watch to school anymore. Everyone bring walkman...

You can take a look here. Classic. I never play it on classic before but one TV screen with my old nintendo. :)

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