My Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 Review

I express my interest to my wife about getting a bigger nerf gun and on my birthday last month, I got this N-Strike Recon CS-6 from her.

So this is the biggest Nerf gun I own so far. I consider this as a medium size rifle.

One of the features of this nerf gun it offers 3 different configuration.

Time to open the toy to review it. This is the main gun and where the mechanism of the gun can be found. Look somewhat look like a Uzi but do not have the automatic feature like an Uzi.

Recon CS-6 uses stream Darts as ammunition.

A single clip can hold only 6 darts.

If you have spare clips, you can attached to the shoulder stock of Recon Cs-6 for storage.

In order for better aiming, the flip-up sight can be used.

Attached the flip-up sight on top of the main body as it would be useful in the full blaster mode which we will take about later.

Now I will attached the shoulder stock to the main gun.

If you want to store addition clips, this is how it will look like.

A long and greater accuracy, put the barrel extension in use.

This is how the chamber inside looked like.

To use the flip-up sight, flip up the catch at one end of barrel extension like the following.

Attached the barrel extension to the main gun. That 80%of the complete version.

Now here is the one gadget that further enhance your accuracy. Introducing the dual-mode light.

Dual-mode light offer the laser pointer version or as a red flash light in the dark room. It is power by 2 AA batteries.

Attached the dual light at the bottom of the barrel extension.

Finally the complete look of Recon CS-6. All gear up for action.

Now my review after playing some time with it. I was quite disappointed with this gun for three reasons.

1. In order for you to shoot a target beyond certain distance, you have to tit the gun to certain angel and aim at shooting.

2. In full configuration, in every shot fired, you have to manually cock the weapon which can take up some time and then re-aim again which can but you as a shooter in game in danger.

3. The overall design look cool in full configuration but the parts connected are flimsy and give me those shaky sound...

You can get your N-Strike Recon Cs-6 here too!

No doubt I will still be playing with it in time to come. :) So now the listing of the Nerf guns I owned to date.

Secret Strike AS-1
N-Strike Marverick
N-Strike Recon CS-6

Will I be getting a Longshot? Hm...


Anonymous said…
"PIACK" *HEadshot!* wonder if the bullets hurt...
desmond said…
Bro, are you playing this alone??
Chris said…
wow! it's cool.
LEon said…
The bullet do not hurt a bit. I know cos I tried to shoot my feet to test it out. :)

Yep. So far shoot target for practice. You want to get one and play together?

Wait till you see longshot. That is the coolest I find so far but I have not buy it yet. :P
It's a very innovative toy gun. Hope you get the long range Nerf rifle soon! A great present from your wife. My wife has stopped buying toys for me. Sob....
LEon said…
Dennis, I got that for my birthday. You never know your Birthday you wife will get you a toy. ;)
desmond said…
Leon, this is not my toy line :P
LEon said…
That's why I have to play with myself... :(
chrismandesign said…
WOW !!! may i hav an extra-hyper-mega nerf cannon 2 play wit u trought d ocean ???? u from Singapore, me from Colombia ???? LOL bang, bang, pum, pum, crash (test dummies...)

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