Legend Class Optimus Prime Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

After a long wait, finally found the Legend class Optimus Prime from the movie Revenge of the Fallen at the retail. It's always good to wait.

From the transformation instruction at the back of the card, it look really simple for this small toy.

Optimus Prime has always been a heavy duty truck and in term of details for a legend class, the truck design was as good as it can get.

For comparison sake, I will use the legend class Optimus Prime from the first Transformers movie at all angles.

For transformation, it is pretty easy.

It become obvious for in robot mode who is the better looking one. The ROTF Legend Optimus Prime is a great improvement from the first movie figure.

Better late than never to get things right.

Here's another reason why I pick up this Legend class Optimus Prime. Since I got Jetfire, I need the ROFT movie Optimus Prime to complete and obtain the combination like in the movie.

There's a catchment area at the back of Optimus Prime and a protruding piece from Jetfire plane mode. They are there for the combination mode.

At last the cycle has been completed.

Enhance combination mode?

In vehicle mode, it is possible but not recommended for Optimus Prime to carry Jetfire around.

Something tell me that my Optimus Prime from Transformer movie 1 is not taking things well...


Great comparison and I'm surprised that jetfire and Prime can combine even when they are so mini!
desmond said…
I like 2007 Optimus in truck mode and ROTF Optimus in Robot mode..
Bubbashelby said…
The new one is vastly superior in robot mode. I didn't know he combined with Jetfire too - that's real cool!
LEon said…
I knew about that is why I got ROTF Optimus prime. Since I can't really get the leader class, legend class will do. Cheaper and most importantly take lesser space. LOL

In truck mode, both look alright. This maybe another case of "We can't have the best of both world"?? :(

Yes it's cool. Can you still find both figure in legend class over your end? How much they are selling over there anyway?
Peter Schaaff said…
Thanks for your posting, dear LEon. Made me realize I have both mini figs and now I even know how to combine them - awesome as hell!
Thanks again.

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